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2 Responses to “Out of Sight, Out of Mind: The Story of Drones in Pakistan”

  1. theexpertisin says:

    I am skeptical of any graph that displays military effectiveness (or ineffectiveness) that cannot be ascertained by absolute data, in totality. My guess is that there were likely more strikes than reported, and that for for intelligence purposes (us) or propaganda (our adversaries) data on the alleged strikes was omitted or substantially distorted to suit. Drone strikes out of the main battle region, in Africa, the Philippines and elsewhere in the middle east also need to be compiled, another near impossibility for the lay “graphie”, to reflect the complete impact of drone strikes. As Rumsfeld stated, there is both the known and unknown. Only a few know the truth on both sides, and they aren’t about to spill the beans.

    Are drones effective? Who knows. But we have one hell of a lot more of them, and many other countries covet them at present then a few short years ago.

  2. howardoark says:

    I wonder how many children died when the British fire-bombed Dresden? I understand it got so hot in the bomb shelters that the fat on the children’s (and adult’s) bodies melted and flowed out under the doors. But I digress. 76% is pretty damned good. If the Taliban and their ilk would all agree to stop throwing acid in the faces of girls who want to learn how to read and sit down to talk about how people should behave in the 21st century we would probably stop killing them via drone. As it stands now though, 76% is the best any country in any war in any century has ever done. We should be proud of ourselves.