Are Solar roadways possible? Are they too ambitious, costly, and technologically unfeasible?

Check out the compelling and entertaining video.



If you would like more information, check out the Indigogo project page for information straight from the source.

The project has been getting a lot of attention recently and there are recommended articles on The Washington Post and Vox that raise valid concerns and cases for skepticism.

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7 Responses to “Solar FREAKIN’ Roadways!”

  1. truthorfiction says:

    This video has been debunked in a very entertaining response at

  2. johnsillings says:

    really, really would love to see this project get off the ground – fantastic idea.

  3. orsogrigio says:

    Dreams, even nice dreams, are free.

  4. SolomonClark says:

    This is an interesting concept, but I think “solar railways” might be a better option:
    - Dedicated right-of-way
    -Trains wouldn’t roll directly over the panels, nor would you need lighting or signaling in the panels, so engineering wouldn’t need to be as rigorous; you might even be able to lay down existing outdoor panels between and alongside the rails, and on bridges and trusses
    - Several rail systems – notably Barry’s favorite, the LIRR – use high voltage DC power that could draw directly from the solar panels
    I wonder if someone has pitched something like this to the MTA.

  5. jwagner says:

    I spent some time getting trained and certified as a solar assessor in Wisconsin a few years back. The assessor’s basic job is to determine economic and technical feasibility and project payback. If the business model doesn’t work, the project is DOA. The economics behind solar PV have become compelling – to the point that PV is breaking the current utility models – and that’s what’s driving increased solar electric generation.

    So while I’m a big fan of solar generation, I’ve seen nothing that indicates that solar roadways make any economic sense (and yes I watched the video a while back). It’s a nice feel-good idea. PV panels are a solid business proposition.

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