Succinct Summations week ending June 27th:



1. U.S. June services flash PMI came in at 61.2 v 58 expected.
2. U of Mich. Consumer confidence came in at 82.5 vs expectations of 82.
3. May core PCE (Fed’s inflation gauge) came in at 1.5%, in line with expectations
4. Existing home sales increased 4.9%, the biggest gain since 2011.
5. Consumer confidence came in at 85.2 vs 83.5 expected.
6. Japan’s June manufacturing PMI index rose to 51.1, up from 49.9 last month
7. New home sales increased 18.6% m/o/m, largest increase since January 1992.
8. Initial jobless claims fell to 312,000
9. Japan retail sales rose by 4.6% m/o/m, higher than the estimate of up 2.9%.


1. U.S. economy shrank at a 2.9% annual rate, worst numbers since the recession.
2. U.S. May consumer spending rose 0.2% vs -.4% expected.
3. Case Shiller m/o/m increased 0.19% in April, the smallest increase since February 2012. The 10.8% Y/O/Y gain was the smallest since March 2013.
4. French business confidence fell to a 10 month low
5. Euro zone manufacturing and services indices fell to a 6 month low.
6. Durable goods orders in decreased 1% m/o/m in May.
7. Purchase applications fell 1.2% since last week and are down 18% y/o/y.

Thanks, Batman.

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5 Responses to “Succinct Summations of Week’s Events 6.27.14”

  1. trafficengineer says:

    ASCE made a site on the highway trust fund fiasco:

  2. willid3 says:

    we must get rid of the summer vacation break for kids. course then we will need to add air conditioning to schools that dont have it (and there are still lots of those). course i dont know how vacations will happen any more.

  3. chartist says:

    Two things I have noticed and want to reiterate:
    1. They herded everyone into 401Ks and volatility killed the herd…This is a secular shift: volatility is dead.
    2. The emerging market ETF has broken out – EEM has a huge upside implication.

    You don’t need a physics degree to see these things. Sometimes it’s just intuition and chart reading.

  4. chartist says:

    Middle America is where the jobs are…I work for a Tier 1 auto parts company. One of our plants increased head count 25% this year alone! I can get anyone a job working our production lines….If you need a start, I can get you hired!!!! Honestly, young folks need to leave the east coast and come to the corn fields of Indiana and Illinois, that’s where the jobs are. We recently hired a recently released convict after serving 25 years for murder! I am telling you, if you need a start and don’t want to go to the military, I’ve got a job for you!

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