My afternoon train reading:

• Lower Your Fees, Boost Your Returns (Morningstar)
• Inside Buffett’s Brain (Time)
• Ex-Bankers Upgrade the Good Life as Violin Pools Beckon (Bloomberg)
• Investors Plagued by “Continuous Partial Attention” (Reformed Broker)
• A 401(k) on autopilot risks going off-course (MarketWatch)
• The Silicon Valley of Fear (Telegraph) see also Robo-advisor: Embrace the Name (SEI’s Practically Speaking)
• History in the Making: Seattle Is Raising Its Minimum Wage to $15 (MoneyBox)
• Stuart Franklin: how I photographed Tiananmen Square and ‘tank man’ (The Guardian)
• MIT Students Create Solar Panels That Still Work In The Shade (FastCo Exist)
• Five More Ways to Fight Global Warming (Bloomberg View)

What are you reading?



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7 Responses to “10 Tuesday PM Reads”

  1. trafficengineer says:

    “Barclays this week downgrades the entire electric sector of the U.S. high-grade corporate bond market to underweight, saying it sees long-term challenges to electric utilities from solar energy, and that the electric sector of the bond market isn’t pricing in these challenges right now.”

    • trafficengineer says:

      Caveats from Wikipedia page of Barclays:
      “US electricity market manipulation[edit]
      In July 2013 US energy regulator the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC) ordered Barclays to pay £299m fine penalty for attempting to manipulate electricity market in the US. The fine by FERC relates to allegations in December 2008.[127]“

  2. ilsm says:

    Taxing imports from carbon spewers to help them pay for fixing makes sense.

    Research into more solar efficiencies is quite good.

    If the US could spend $100B to “design” rather ineptly the F-35 the US can make solar work, as long as they don’t hire Lockheed.

    Time for federal spending to work for everyone not just the war stocks.

  3. VennData says:

    Bond Yields Lowest Since Napoleon

    “…Bond yields in Germany and its predecessors haven’t been this low since at least the early 1800s, when French forces under Napoleon Bonaparte fought wars throughout the European continent…”

    Those two hundred years STRIPS should be paying off big time just about now.

  4. VennData says:

    Rahm Emanuel Gets City to Build Affordable Housing on the Mag Mile

    Join the Tea Party to stop this madness! Where is Darrel Issa? Where is Ted Cruz?