My morning / afternoon train reads :

• US stocks sail on but scan the horizon for a correction (FT)
• Why Behavioral Economics Is Cool, and I’m Not (Huffington Post)
• Are investors really holding lots of cash? (Horan Capital Investors) see also Risk (Research Puzzle Pix)
• Gold Euphoria Won’t Last With Yellen’s Rally Fading (Bloomberg)
• Corporate pension funds and university endowments have missed out on much of the rally for stocks. (WSJ)
• Math: The Ultimate BS Detector (MoJo)
• Iraq Everlasting (NY Mag) see also Michael Hastings’s ‘Last Magazine’ Shows War as Career Opportunity (NY Times)
• Gold-Mining In Peru Is Much Worse Than Anyone Thought (National Geographic)
• Of Course Tesla Wasn’t Just Being Altruistic In Opening Up Its Patents: That’s The Whole Point! (Techdirt) see also Will Uber Destroy the Driving Profession? (Elements)
• The Shadow Internet That’s 100 Times Faster Than Google Fiber (Wired)

What are you reading?

If you’re investing for a far-off goal, you can probably ride out a market downturn.

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  1. Robert M says:

    One may hate the fact somone talented is lost in the shuffle but communist countries did a very good job educating theri citizens. The lost talent is no different than in the US where education based on your tax base deprives many from a meaningful education. Now the PRC is confronting the fact they have an eduational mismatch for their economy and it is the same one we have here; too many college educated vs skilled vocational workers. Unlike here they have a plan:

  2. > Iraq Everlasting (NY Mag)

    Wonderful Frank Rich piece.