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Why Does US Cell Phone Service Suck?

Posted By Barry Ritholtz On June 5, 2014 @ 9:00 am In Really, really bad calls,Regulation,Taxes and Policy,Technology | Comments Disabled

Yesterday on my commute to work, I became annoyed with the spotty coverage and slow connection provided by Verizon Wireless. I tweeted [1] my frustration.

Imagine my surprise when AT&T’s social networking Tinkerbell responded [2] to me: “Connect when and where you want with our reliable 4G LTE!”

I found that amusing. The reason [3] I switched to Verizon Wireless was because AT&T was so awful. I bought the first version of the iPhone, with AT&T as the sole carrier. The device was a delightful and innovative glass brick. Great apps, brilliant design, game-changing paradigm shift. Except for that whole wanting-to-make-phone-calls on it issue. For that purpose, it was worthless. That’s what I mean by glass brick. I returned it for a full refund, and got some ugly non-iPhone at Verizon that I actually could make phone calls on.

Once Verizon got the iPhone, I returned to the glass brick, new and improved — now with phone-calling capabilities!

All of which raises the question: Why are telecom services in the U.S. so unconscionably awful? Sure they’re expensive [4], but at least they are slow [5] and unreliable! We invented most of the technologies so why are they so superior in other countries [6]? continues here [7]

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