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3 Responses to “World Cup Football Isn’t Normally This Exciting”

  1. VennData says:

    Damning with faint praise?

  2. Manofsteel11 says:

    Comparing soccer over the decades is misleading – it is not only globalization, which enables coaches and players to work during the year in different countries and learn, then export/import this know-how, but also changes in rule enforcement, focus on professional academies (as opposed to Maradona or others who were untamed street players), exercise regime, and strict adherence to formation (which is very defensive and calculated nowadays, with more players playing in the rear than ever before).
    In addition, there is the business of soccer, which makes some players seem invisible during the year with strong European teams, as opposed to authentic entertaining soccer, which does not make $ calculations but rather appreciates beautiful risky plays. In this regard, a draw in a game full of many exciting moments is worth much more than a mechanistic game with 5 goals short from afar.
    Nothing like playing the game to give you an appreciation of magical thrilling moves, great team coordination, creative dynamic formations, disregarding the final score.

  3. muysbfu_9481 says:

    1994 world cup had 24 teams, no?