Fewer than 500 hybrid LaFerraris will be made. And with a price tag that starts at around $1.6 million, they’re not for everyone. WSJ Rumble Seat columnist Dan Neil discusses his test drive of the hyper car on Lunch Break

LaFerrari: The Million-Dollar Hybrid You Can’t Have
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Source: WSJ

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5 Responses to “Ferrari’s Red Reign: $1.4Millon 950 HP LaFerrari”

  1. BennyProfane says:

    Well, the race is on as to who will die first in that thing: A Saudi princeling, the son of a Chinese elite, or a connected Russian oligarch. Taking bets.

  2. Livermore Shimervore says:

    Beautiful car but worst name ever for a car.

  3. Just This One says:

    There is really nothing subtle about this car.

  4. flocktard says:

    These are all very impressive, but Road & Track recently had a series on the cost of owning these things.
    $6000 for an oil change? Even if I HAD the money, I wouldn’t LET them get away with it. Right now, my fave rave is the Jaguar XK-F series. Beautiful, fast,comfortable, and doesn’t take a NASA contract to run it.