My afternoon train reads:

• On the hunt for higher yields, investors in Asia snap up perpetual bonds (WSJ) see also Growth in Japan? (Fidelity)
• Empty floors fray traders’ nerves (WSJ)
• Financial Advisers: Show Us Your Numbers (MoneyBeat)
• Bad thinking: Nothing Can Make Me Bullish on Stocks Now: Manduca (Bloomberg TV)
• Secret Path Revealed for Chinese Billions Overseas (Bloomberg)
• A Dozen Things I’ve Learned from Fred Wilson (25iq)
• 10 Happiness Hacks: Backed By Science (The Spirit Science) see also 10 Simple Things You Can Do Today That Will Make You Happier, Backed By Science (HuffPo)
Gerrymandering watch: A Florida judge just voided the state’s congressional districts. (WonkBlog)
• The Beginning of Time-Lapse (Pacific Standard)
• Does Anyone Even Want a Smartwatch? (NY Mag)

What are you reading?

Changes in the Factors Affecting Carbon Dioxide Emissions

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11 Responses to “10 Monday PM Reads”

  1. willid3 says:

    wall street worried about consumers? really???? after all they have done to them, now they are worried?

    • rd says:

      No. Its having to strip down that really slows the process down. I learned to travel with slip on shoes and a small belt buckle a long time ago.

      • willid3 says:

        there is that, course if you have carry on luggage, put in keys and other things that you wont need till after you get through the security line. it helps a lot

  2. rd says:

    The traders on the empty floors are just experienced what most of the US has gone through over the past 30 years. Those jobs have gone away and won’t come back. They will now have to re-invent and re-tool themselves to work in the new workforce. Hopefully they were saving and building themselves a good reserve fund. All of us who have seen this in their work places several times in the past wish them the best of luck as they move forward with their new life.

    BTW – I think this is a sign of the beginning of the end of the malaise of the past decade or so. The financial sector had risen to an unsustainable percentage of GDP and the stock market by the mid-2000s. It had to decline and allow that capital and income to be redeployed in more productive areas. It appears that this process is underway. The healthcare sector will be next as it is forced to become efficient (cue sounds of squealing pig).

  3. willid3 says:

    another pharma company wants to relocate to Europe?

    wonder how that will work out in the end. after all, they sell the highest priced drugs in the US. take away the politics or protecting them they might start loosing that (after all its very easy to paint that politician as supporting a foreign company)

  4. CD4P says:

    Life on Main Street update:,0,7835542.story “Some homeowners miss out on housing recovery: Bad luck, refinancing requirements keep some on sidelines”

  5. DeltaV says:

    The management wants to juice their bonuses and retire soon. Also, with ACA it seems likely that their enormous profit margins will be eroded away. This is the same pharma that basically stopped all R&D a few years ago, right?

  6. VennData says:

    The Top 1%ers are Richer than we Thought!

    All the jobs they created, we thank you for, and we’ll live with those deficits so you can sell each other art and Aspen McMansions.