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Source: April Rudin, HuffPo

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7 Responses to “30 Most Influential People in Finance & Wealth”

  1. rd says:

    You and Josh are going to have to develop the Think System To Being Wealthy or something similar to crack the top 3 spots.

  2. marketmap says:

    Go Helaine !

  3. danabrams says:

    Topped on the list by your own employee. Ouch!

  4. Molesworth says:

    Where is Rick Santelli?

  5. intlacct says:

    Who knows what the criteria for this was.

    Helaine Olen adjacent to Ed Slott. What a contrast – NOT disparaging either. Olen applies to the 80%; Slott to the 20% (maybe).

    Where’s John Mauldin? (disparaging) haha

    PS Rick Santelli thing is why I WOULD watch business tv/CNBC.

  6. RW says:

    1, 2 and 3 are pretty much for the rubes so it looks like Josh is the real #1 – smart move partnering up there BR.