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2 Responses to “Conditions Favorable for a Capex Comeback”

  1. CD4P says:

    Um, isn’t it always time to buy back company shares? Spending on CapEx means employee wages, health insurance, and pensions, none of which are remotely sexy. Those are the type of expenditures the government is for anyways.

  2. BenGraham says:

    The only line in this chart of significance is the age of non-residential structures. This is only about 15% older than 30 years ago, which is basically irrelevant considering that there are a plethora of explanations for this from improvements in the longevity/usefulness of buildings/equip to how it is accounted for. This “evidence” doesn’t provide much confidence to me. That isn’t to say capex won’t go up materially; just that these charts are meaningless.