As an update to yesterday’s critique, this video shows how takeovers and M&A often follow market prices. Collectively, they could show increased risk appetite, and perhaps signal an eventual top (wish the chart went further back than 1995).

FT: Mergers and acquisitions are booming. James Mackintosh, investment editor, analyses whether we’ve reached the stage where deals become truly daft, or whether there’s room for companies to gear up still further.

Jul 17, 2014

Category: M&A, Video

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One Response to “The Danger of Daft Deals”

  1. William_H says:

    Why is this company still called “AOL Time Warner?” America On Hold ceased to be a service of choice over 10 years ago, only remembered in crossword puzzles and nostalgic late-night rehashes of “Sleepless In Seattle.” No one remembers Wachovia Bank, CoreStates, Netscape, PaAm or countless others who fell by the wayside of usefulness. I bet Henry Luce is still rolling in his grave that his handiwork ever got into bed with Steve Case.