Yesterday’s loss, as painful as it was to watch, was really a thing of beauty. As overmatched as the US team was, they managed to make it into overtime where they finally succumbed to the superior Belgium team.

Despite the mismatch, regulation time ended in a tie. There were opportunities and possibilities of an upset. All told, it was inspired play. Which brings me to this video, released before the big game.

I don’t find that it loses any of its magic or majesty just because the game is over. Enjoy:



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• WaPo: How Tourette’s-afflicted Tim Howard went from international ridicule to World Cup history. There is a White House petition to rename Reagan Airport after Tim Howard. He was meme-worthy, hashtagable and once even scored a goal.

• Several World Cup teams banned sex during the tournament. All of them have been eliminated.

• Dan Froooommer and David Yanooofsky examine which countries shout “Goal” the loudest on Facebook.
Enjoy the long holiday weekend . . .

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3 Responses to “U.S. Soccer: Flip the Script”

  1. rd says:

    The WSJ has now taken the official editorial stance that Americans should now root for the Netherlands:

  2. CD4P says:

    The 2nd half was brutal. Played almost entirely on the U.S. end, with the play-by-play announcer noting the time of possession differential and the abnormal number of saves Tim Howard had to make. Had the U.S. succeeded with that late (last minute of regulation), point-blank opportunity, one has to wonder just how much of a meltdown Belgian fans would be in. [Then again, they have an awful lot of chocolate and beer to tap...]

    Overtime substitution of Green (still a teenager) gives hope for the future.

  3. wetware says:

    Speaking of great “goal” calls…these are a helluva lot of fun: