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Is Yellen risking inflation?

Source: CNBC, Mon, 14 Jul ’14 | 12:01 PM ET

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23 Responses to “Liesman to Santelli: “You Are a Money Loser!””

  1. Moe says:

    Santelli’s just another screaming head – I’d call him a loser, but that would be an insult to losers everywhere.

  2. Frilton Miedman says:

    As always, He’s too busy interrupting & screaming over anyone’s counter-point to hear that he might be wrong.

    @ about 10 minutes, Richards hits the nail on the head, Santelli’s only goal is to arouse cheers from the Chicago floor traders in his immediate vicinity.

  3. mockware says:

    I find that those that yell the loudest are always right and are able to avoid letting reality cloud their judgement.

  4. SumDumGuy says:

    I predict better tv ratings for CNBC off of this. It also leads to an even more misinformed public, since it’s a great example of how rage and bluster get more views than someone saying the economy is plodding along and mildly getting better.

  5. JRS says:

    On behalf of losers everywhere, thank you to Moe for excluding Santelli from our lot.

  6. Bob A says:

    even fox won’t take him. btw anybody miss maria?

  7. urbandigs says:

    ahh, that was refreshing to watch. Thx Barry! And Josh, man, u nailed it.

  8. Like listening to Megyn Kelly lecture Cheney on Iraq . . . hate to be the one to greet Santelli when he gets home at night . . .

  9. scone says:

    Smells like a publicity stunt to boost CNBC during the summer doldrums.

  10. StatArb says:

    Two morons who are never right … yelling , the weapon of the witless

    Followed by the Fast Money lunch crowd —
    If you’re listening to these half-wits , you’re a bigger moron than they are

  11. Peter Davies says:

    I’ve never understood a word of whatever Santelli’s ever screamed. I don’t think he’s ever understood a word of whatever he’s screamed. CNBC USA’s ratings are tanking. It seems that the only ploy they have now is to use serial screamers to gain viewers who get satisfaction from watching bizarre behaviour: Santelli, Kernen, Cramer, Kudlow, Caruso-Cabrera.

    I can’t understand why respected financial commentators would ever risk damaging their reputations by appearing on this looney channel.

  12. VennData says:

    I’m not a fan of Rick SanYelli. But that he has been wrong doesn’t mean that inflation will not pick up over the Fed’s plan from here. It may not, but it may, and it may later on, or not.

    But Rick is wrong about one thing, any trader that voted for Bush and the GOP did cause the financial crisis. Anyone did who thought the Bush and GOP Congress Ownership Society leverage ratios of 50 to 1 would be good for the country was wrong. But it would have been better if the CDS insurance AIG sold on the banks was traded over at the CME would have ameliorated the affects.

    • DeDude says:

      The problem is that if you have had a “model” of inflation that dictated hyperinflation next month and nothing has happened for 5 years, then you better do a mea culpa and explain to me why you were wrong and how you have adjusted your world/finance/economic view to be more aligned with reality.

      This guy was dead wrong, he is clueless as to why he was dead wrong and even appear to be clueless to the fact that he was dead wrong. It does not get any worse than that outside of the “flat earth” society.

      • VennData says:

        I do not agree with the Supply Siders nor Rich SanYelli. Calling him Rich SanYelli should hint at that.

        I agree with Josh Brown, Steve Leisman, and the British guy who really slammed SanYelli et al who couldn’t?

        You do them too much of an honor by calling what the Austrian Economists have as a “model.”

        My only point is that in economics being wrong does not mean there will not be inflation coming. That is all.

  13. sensibleinvestor says:

    What does CNBC gain in having a mad reporter appearing in their program? They still have not fired this guy? Wow!

  14. oldbluejeans says:

    I long ago switched to Bloomberg. Even there Tom Keene needs a little less caffein in the morning.

  15. Moss says:

    Santelli is married to a specific ideology. Just like Kudlow. Nothing can penetrate that.

  16. SumDumGuy says:

    Hey, can one of you kind folks help a guy out – so what’s the big worry if we do end up having an inflation rate over target? e.g. 3% (obviously I know the problems if we were to have hyper inflation, but what about being over by a smallish amount?)

  17. DeDude says:

    Amazing thing is this screaming moron has been nothing but wrong – yet he has a fan base.

  18. bigsteve says:

    I first saw this clip on Dr. Krugman’s blog. Until we get the employment participation rate higher and closer to full employment I do not see how we will have inflation. The demand is not there so business does not have much pricing power. Too much slack in the economy. Watch that for signs of potential inflation. We are a long ways off from inflation. Indeed if we can close in on reducing the slack in the economy that indicates a potential for more gains in the stock market.The applause on the trading floor we heard was the tribe supporting a member of their tribe. Investing is not a tribal activity. You have to use reasoning , good information and some knowledge of human behaviour to make money. But I bet that most readers of this blog already know all of this.

  19. NMR says:

    Liesman nailed him but really why are ranting clowns like this given air time on business programs. Yes I know the Jerry Springer factor but at the end of the day what does this tell you about the value of CNBC.