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4 Responses to “Marijuana Laws by State in USA”

  1. VennData says:

    Where is the US Chamber of Commerce on this business issue?

    • paperbear says:

      Thanks for the nice map, Barry. In Arizona, where the dispensary business is non-profit, there is an Arizona Wellness Chamber of Commerce which serves the industry.
      It would seem difficult for the US Chamber of Commerce to be involved in any way as long as the US Government continues to include the medicine as a Class one drug.

  2. slowkarma says:

    Iowa shows up as “fully illegal.” Back in the 70s, when I was a student journalist at the University of Iowa, people would smoke “ditch weed,” which grew everywhere. I wrote a story on marijuana use, and appeared on the front page of the student newspaper standing neck deep in a former stock holding pen, up to my neck in a dense growth of the stuff. I quoted the local sheriff as saying something very close to, “Kids around here have been smoking that stuff for years. Didn’t seem to hurt them none.” Maybe things have changed, but in the 70s, marijuana was, for all practical purposes, ignored in Iowa.

    One of the things that hurt so much during the Vietnam War is that major politicians — not just lefties — were saying that the war was pointless and evil, while at the same time shipping thousands of young men off to fight it. We’re almost in a similar situation with weed — you can buy it legally in two states, and it’s all but legal in a dozen more, but in the others, you can go to prison. Unless you’re Willie Nelson. He gets busted all the time, but nothing happens. I wonder what this map actually reflects? Just the technical legalities?

  3. jtuck004 says:

    I have a couple of degrees, 20+ years experience in computer networks, last as a contractor at a large AFB. Had to stop for a few years, take care of an aging parent. That salary ended with her death last year. At 59 now I’ve spent the past year + helping with the profits of various companies as I downloaded software, bought hardware, created new networks and virtual networks and cloud networks, retrained myself to make sure I was competitive, because I like to be good at what I do.

    100 resumes later I had 3 responses, 1 interview, no job, and my wife is paying the bills while I grow some of the most amazing garlic…they just don’t hire 60 year-olds like they use to ;) Leaves my wife supporting us and a shortfall that has us considering cuts to save our home. Can’t have that.

    Needing to do more, I just volunteered as a trimmer for the local Medical Marijuana (MMJ) Clinic.

    (Info: When growing cannabis, you must trim the leaves that jut from and wrap around the sticky, smelly, resin-covered flowers so the “buds” can be dried and used, because the leaves just make you cough if smoked. You wear rubber gloves and use sharp, small scissors. The stuff that is trimmed off is used for other products. You can be paid for this at commercial growers, and it is a learned skill. Ask your kid if you need to know more.)

    Not soul-sucking computer work, but real work. Useful work. Not as fast as the 22 year old chick that sat down to help us finish up. She left more leaf on the bud though. . See what 10 hours of experience will teach you if you are humble, ask questions, and go home to learn more on youtube?

    So, oddly enough, in a state where the state is pushing the meme that there are thousands of high-paying jobs in the medical field here going wanting (facts don’t seem to support this, btw) if you will just pony up the tuition and pay taxes to rebuild their college infrastructure, I didn’t get a job in that field, Or any of the many entry level positions available in the hotel motel industry either.

    I got it at the MMJ place. They did more for me this week, were more humane, caring, spirit-building than any Micro$oft or health-care for profit place. They call it “volunteer”, and give you a little gift of the medicine you would normally buy. I have to do more of course, since it’s just pick up work, so I am still going to have to work my plan to do some felony gardening to save my home.

    Still, and please know – they were very generous to let me learn on their stuff, (the best retails for ~$4500 lb, so you can cost them money if you don’t pay attention) make my mistakes, put me in front of people who were better than I so I could learn. For cryin’ out loud, they handed me a package of my choice of medicine from among Pineapple Express, Adak, Dutch Treat and others. Paid training! Woo hoo!!!

    But you know what the best thing was? They asked me back.

    “You comin’ tomorrow?” They didn’t ask everyone that, I found out later. Today they told me they would be harvesting again next week and when to show up so I could be there.

    I haven’t heard anything like that in a while. It was very cool.

    (I wonder if we could make a trimmer’s cooperative of everyone who has been out of work for a couple of years? Pays better than a bunch of jobs being created today, and offers the useful kind of work that FDR knew was necessary, and most importantly there is the opportunity to be treated like a human being).