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Source: NOAA

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5 Responses to “Significant Climate Anomalies June 2014”

  1. rd says:

    As far as I can tell, belief in anthropogenic global warming is inversely proportional to the impacts an area is suffering from anomalous weather.

  2. willid3 says:

    seems like Miami (Florida) knows of the affects. they just dont believe them

    • rd says:

      The big sea change (pun intended) will likely be when the financial system stops issuing 30-year mortgages on Florida properties below a certain elevation.

  3. Whammer says:

    “He’s just unconvinced that the increase in greenhouse gas emissions is going to be outweighed by these deep ocean circulations.”

    That would be what you call “unclear on the concept”. Oy.

    Nobody, and I mean nobody, can articulate a reason why global temps will not warm as we pump CO2 (and CH4, which is worse) into the atmosphere. And let’s not forget the whole ocean acidification thing.

    There are legitimate arguments to be made around how we should address global warming. But the whole “it’s a hoax” mentality is idiotic.

    • winstongator says:

      Fortunately for those peddling ‘it’s a hoax’ mentality, there is a seemingly endless supply of idiots.