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Each quarter, RealtyTrac releases its “Home Equity and Underwater Report.”

According to RealtyTrac’s data, “9.1 million U.S. residential properties were seriously underwater.” Mortgages that are “seriously underwater” exceed a property’s value by at least 25 percent. They also account for 17.2 percent of all properties with a mortgage.

That number decreased slightly (0.2 percent) in the second quarter. In the second quarter of 2012, there were 12.8 million properties that were “seriously underwater” — 29 percent of all homes with a mortgage

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2 Responses to “States with the Most Negative Equity in Residential Real Estate”

  1. CD4P says:

    And to think in Sweden, they have 140-year mortgages (something you can really pass onto your grand kids…)

    The Chicago Tribune recently did a story on folks trapped in their homes (since DC is soooooooo dysfunctional–unless you can write a substantial check–these folks ought to drag Bank of America on “Judge Judy” for a righteous ass-whoopin’): http://articles.chicagotribune.com/2014-07-14/business/ct-biz-stuck-homeowners-0714-biz-20140714_1_housing-recovery-fannie-mae-home-affordable-refinance-program

  2. Christopher says:

    FWIW…Just reached a deal on a small beach condo we will be using as vacation rental in Rincon, PR for 52% of asking price.