Bloomberg View Columnist Barry Ritholtz and Bloomberg’s Jonathan Ferro discuss what’s behind the global equities selloff on “Market Makers.”

Source: Bloomberg July 10 2014

Category: Video

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4 Responses to “What’s Behind the Global Stock Selloff?”

  1. Iamthe50percent says:

    That’s a very very good question. Why are Irish bonds selling at a lower yield than US treasury’s. The big money sees Ireland as safer than the USA? For a reason or just Obama derangement syndrome?

    Why is the rumor that Obama is about to confiscate private gold and silver next month flying around in blue collar circles? I don’t believe it, of course, but who is starting these rumors and what do they have to gain from panic? I think that’s another good question.

  2. CFA_Course says:

    How about china converting major of it’s dollar reserve in Gold. I guess China wants to diversify it’s currency risk associated with Dollar and current economic condition.

    However, if all big exporting country start creating gold reserve we’ll create another time bomb. Just like dollar.
    Also, are we sending world into Mid Age era??

  3. pielou says:

    here is the story:
    Lisbon, around 9:00 PM, the streets are deserted, everybody is watching the game. A replacement Portugal banker check his books and see that as usual it might miss a payment. He is waiting for a transfer. he is watching nervously the account not provisioned ahead, a transfer from Brazil is missing. He raises it to his boss that escalate. From his seat Block 12 row 15 seat 19 Duarte with his Brazilian counterpart Cristiano does not hear anything, too shocked from what it is happening on the grass. Germany is crushing the host team 5-0. After a 7-1 Defeat and few beers later in his hotel room, Cristiano finally listen his many panicked message. He knows how to react but he is not sure of the result. Duarte is calling Cristiano. He is nervously counting the rings. Nothing. He does not want to leave a message, the temperature of his hotel room is suddenly jumping. Duarte tries again, a woman answer and he ask for Cristiano explaining that it is important. Few second of eternity later Cristiano does not have time to ask what is happening, Duarte talk like a torrent going down from the mountain after a storm. Cristiano still under the coup says after a while “i know” and he continues
    “you see Duarte, this transfer starts from Germany and in the light of this dark day i will not ask what is going on. You will have to miss a payment”
    “You know what it means” calmly answers Duarte.
    “Yes” says Cristiano.