My morning train reads (continues here):

• How you’ll know if it’s time for a market crash (Marketwatch) see also The Trend Is Your Friend Till That Bend At the End (BV)
• What is the correlation between the alternative rock of the ’80s and ’90s and alternative investing? (Investment News)
• Wait, *now* are the kids moving out? (Alphaville) see also Q2 2014 GDP Details on Residential and Commercial Real Estate Read more at (Calculated Risk)
• Goldman Sachs: Here’s What Will Happen When Fed Raises Rates (MoneyBeat)

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6 Responses to “10 Wednesday AM Reads”

  1. VennData says:

    CEOs should be encouraged to “interact” with high schoolers when they come of age, on their birthdays!

    Heck, on the Intimately. It’s not against the law! If they want to, and they have some fun doing it! We should let the CEOs do whatever’s legal. I encourage American CEOs to have sex with anyone who comes of age, introduce them to capitalism, teach them life’s lessons.

    And if the age of consent is too high, well the state’s can lower it if they so choose.

  2. willid3 says:

    think only in the US that billionaires have a get out jail card?

    seems not

    seems Florida and Nevada were the biggest losers in to wall street

  3. hue says:

    Traffic During the Facebook Outage (Chartbeat)

    Israel, Gaza, War & Data: social networks and the art of personalizing propaganda (Medium 10) welcome to the Balkans

    Revenge of Conservative Nerds (Vox)

  4. Jojo says:

    Fascinating article!
    Today I Found Out
    If You Own Land, How Far Above and Below Do You Own?

  5. 873450 says:

    When will President Obama wake up to realize providing criminal immunity to bankers only encourages more criminality by bankers? Incredibly, the bank’s press release reveals a tremendous sense of entitlement (oversight monitoring, monetary penalty, remedial actions) without remotely acknowledging wrongdoing, apologizing or expressing remorse.

    Standard Chartered Discloses New York Inquiry as Pretax Profit Falls

    “LONDON — Standard Chartered confirmed on Wednesday that it was facing an inquiry by … the New York State Department of Financial Services over the bank’s controls to prevent money laundering. … two years after the bank agreed to pay a combined $667 million to settle with the state and federal authorities in the United States related to accusations that it illegally handled hundreds of billions of dollars in transactions for individuals and companies with ties to Iran. … Standard Chartered said that it was engaged in “discussions” with New York State authorities regarding its post-transaction surveillance system, which helps monitor potential instances of money laundering. … “The group believes that the resolution of these issues is likely to involve an enforcement action by the NYSDFS that would include an extension of the term of the monitor beyond the original two-year term, a monetary penalty and remedial actions,” the company said.”