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6 Responses to “A History of Executive Orders”

  1. RW says:

    An interesting exercise that largely confirms the opinion of those of us who think Obama has been far too tentative in the application of executive power (including use of the bully pulpit).

    If critical thinking and independently confirmed evidence were of consequence to those accusing Obama of tyrannical tendencies a few might find this persuasive too but it will not persuade for the same reason the points in the article “Why You Should Stop ‘Believing’ in Evolution” in Tuesday’s AM reading will not persuade the unpersuaded: Reasoning cannot sway those who have denied reason.

    • Leeskyblue says:

      On the contrary, it should be evident
      to people who think themselves sophisticated,
      that Obama’s projected persona of a boyish incompetent is
      pure pretense and manipulation.
      Surprising that there are so many people who receive that ongoing “message” without thought or question or skeptical review.

      He has successfully laundered and established every misbehavior of the Bush administration
      while carefully assuring that nothing is on paper for which he can be called to account
      and attributing his agenda to “Republican obstruction” and other chimeras before which we are supposed to believe he is helpless..

      It is an old device of lawyers, and the kind of lawyering allegedly on our behalf that every prudent person prays he can avoid.

      Obama was elected with no experience to govern but he did have shrewd corporate backers who saw in him an effective vehicle and front man for their agendas — and their manipulations.

      The shame is on all of us for being ignorant of our own history,
      for not knowing that no past president who was at all effective would have put up with the hooligan tactics that he pretends he can’t handle.

      Qui accuse, s’accuse —
      what colossal provincial hubris for you to dismiss others as true believers.

  2. tigerlilac says:

    Barry, nice job, sir. The “teabaggers” must hate you.

    Watching the Ferguson, MO story unfold has me wondering why so many Americans think it is within reason for policemen (many armed in battle-gear) to aim loaded rifles at unarmed civilians. Is it any wonder why so many unarmed civilians are shot by our police that are suppose to protect and serve the communities they patrol.

  3. jbegan says:

    And then there’s ‘signing statements’ which are covered in David Swanson’s book “Daybreak: Undoing the Imperial Presidency and Forming a More Perfect Union”. Both Reagan and Bush may not have abused their executive orders, but he was very active in the signing statement department. And, Obama has continued the practice. Once Congress cedes authority to the President, it’s hard to reel it back.

    • Constitutional Scholar says:

      “Mr. Bush … broke all records, using signing statements to challenge about 1,200 sections of bills over his eight years in office, about twice the number challenged by all previous presidents combined, according to data compiled by Christopher Kelley, a political science professor at Miami University in Ohio.”

      Charlie Savage (March 9, 2009). “Obama Looks to Limit Impact of Tactic Bush Used to Sidestep New Laws”. New York Times.

  4. rfk says:

    Is it true that Kennedy was about to sign an executive order to wrestle control from the Fed and replace notes backed by the Fed with US backed notes? I think I read this on one of Richard Russell’s daily notes a few years ago.

    Lincoln was the other president who tried to wrestle control from the bankers.