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3 Responses to “China’s territorial disputes”

  1. RW says:

    It appears Russia has similar expansionist dreams and separatist nightmares: Too bad they don’t seem to overlap (territorially) with China’s.

  2. bigsteve says:

    Do the Chinese have no sense of history? The last time a nation challenged the world for territory, Germany in WWII, did not turn out well for that nation. Even our country I do not believe could pull it off.

    But with China’s one child per couple policy starting to come to fruition shortly they are going to be too covered over with the problems of a rapidity declining and get old population to worry about expanding territories. Eventually India not China will be the regional power in Asia because they did not make China’s mistake.

  3. cschene says:

    I was conversing with a military officer who was based in Japan and he told me he thinks Japan would win a war with China.