Jim Stack of Investech has described what he calls “the competition to call the next bear market.”

We have been going discussing this issue, and I am saving his comments for a Bloomberg column next week. But here is a flavor of what he has been writing, from his most recent commentary:

We’re In a New Bear Market, Says One Technical Indicator – Wall Street Journal, 8/12/11
Signs of a Crash Ahead, Not a Recession – New York Times, 9/28/11
Wall Street Approaches a Bear Market – New York Times, 10/3/11
What if There’s a Bear Market in 2012? – Forbes, 12/29/11

3 Reasons Why the Bear Market is Back – Yahoo! Finance, 5/23/12
A bear market in bull’s clothing – MarketWatch, 8/27/12
Big-name stocks fall into bear markets – USA Today, 11/9/12

An epic bear market is coming – MSN Money, 1/2/13
Bear Market to Take Hold in 2013: Expert – CNBC, 3/14/13
Bear Traps Await Investors – Wall Street Journal, 7/31/13
Doomsday poll: still a 98% risk of 2014 stock crash – MarketWatch, 12/21/13

Is The Next Bear Market Here Already? – Nasdaq.com, 4/2/14
Buckle Up! The New Bear Market Has Begun – Seeking Alpha, 5/8/14
Two signs a market crash is coming – Yahoo! Finance, 7/17/14
Three Signs That Point to a Stock-Market Tumble Ahead – Wall Street Journal, 8/1/14 4
Signs this bull market is on its last legs – MarketWatch, 8/13/14

It would be quite amusing if it weren’t such a money loser so far . . .

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3 Responses to “Stack: Competition to Call the Next Bear Market”

  1. GeorgeBurnsWasRight says:

    And many of these articles don’t just forecast a bear market, but financial armageddon.

    I guess it’s all click-bait plus appealing to the rabid end-of-the-worlders who post on many financial websites.

  2. SumDumGuy says:

    I’m dating myself here, but there was one glorious NFL season where Jimmy the Greek was something like 80% wrong versus the spread. Likewise these guys. They’ve been a great “tell” in a contrarian way, so I guess we need to watch out when they eventually turn bullish?

  3. alanvw says:

    Jim Stack has been a voice of reason for patient market participants over many years now; his models advised going long in early 2009 and he has pretty much kept that stance often repeating that we need to give this run every benefit of doubt