This industry is skewed towards the interests of asset managers, not asset owners, Stefan Dunatov, CIO of Coal Pension Trustees Ltd., believes


SoDI: Solving the Investment Problem—Fire the Managers

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3 Responses to “Firing Managers to Solve an Investment Problem”

  1. Iamthe50percent says:

    I think the title is a misnomer. I never heard the word “fire”, but I have ADD and listening to a speech is very difficult because my mind wanders particularly if the speaker isn’t a polished orator. I heard snatches that told me that this man was saying some very important things that directly affect me, but without a printed transcript to go back to and re-read I just don’t know what.

    Lately much of import on the web seems to be video. I mourn the loss of the printed word and the anchor it gives to we afflicted with ADD.

  2. Orange14 says:

    I agree that the word “fire” was not mentioned. I did find the talk quite useful but I wonder what slides he was showing since these were never shown. I personally would have difficulty in firing the manager since he is me! Hadn’t heard about the Ilmanen book, “Expected Returns” so I’ll need to check it out.

  3. rd says:

    I think Scott Adams addressed this much more concisely and to the point