Source: Bloomberg, Aug. 1 2014

Strategas Research Partners Managing Director Christopher Verrone and Former Council of Economic Advisers Chairman Alan Krueger discuss the markets on “Bloomberg Surveillance.”

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2 Responses to “Have We Reached the End of the Bull Market?”

  1. wisegrowth says:

    Hi Barry, I comment here once in a while about effective demand, which is the missing link in macroeconomics. Hardly any economists understand effective demand. But we are seeing something in the news today. Here are 2 examples…

    Effective demand is low now due to much lower labor share. The key result is that the economy will under-perform projections because economists have not re-calibrated economic potential with a lower effective demand.
    So yes,,, the bull market is over because we are now reaching the effective demand limit. My work on effective demand shows that once real GDP tops $16.1 trillion (2009 $$), the economy has hit its top limit. Real GDP might be hitting that level as we speak or a few months away.

  2. [...] Barry Ritholtz asks today if the bull market is over. My reply is YES… Real GDP is finally reaching its effective demand limit by the end of the year, around $16.1 trillion (2009 $$). Now the market is topping out. And if you watch the video at Barry’s post, Christopher Verrone says something very important about the lack of euphoria in the market. Investors around the world have one foot out the door. People see the market topping out… something I have been seeing since early last year. [...]