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5 Responses to “Help Wanted: Humans Need Not Apply”

  1. hue says:

    can bots manage money?

    so no job for anyone who wants one? it will be the age of leisure, and we will all get a basic, living wage. plutocrats are working with Congress to draft such a bill.

  2. constantnormal says:

    This is only a “problem” for socioeconomic systems that depend on the “pyramid of labor” for the distribution of the benefits of society … if that is the only way that societal profits can be distributed, then robots mean nothing but trouble and you can extend that thinking all the way back to every machine ever invented.

    Perhaps people do not make very good machines … perhaps a society based on extensive use of robots and automation, distributing the profits according to some other scheme — “socialism” or “communism” are probably not the only possibilities, but to date, nobody is working very hard on developing alternative models.

    The wealthy see nothing wrong with a feudalistic model, where a tiny minority owns everything (including the lesser people), but history shows us that, because there is not a whole lot of difference in the capabilities of people (yes, incredible as it may seem, the wealthy are NOT inherently better than the rest), eventually such economic extremism results in social instabilities (code words for “revolt”), with the uppermost tier arriving at a point in their lives that they would not have believed possible.

    And then a NEW crop of people start running another iteration of the same system that they worked and fought so hard to displace.

    Sophisticated automation offers us a way to change all that, if we have the courage to step out of our shackles and try something different. If that doesn’t work, look at how it failed and try again.

    But we had better start doing some serious thinking and planning, running limited scale pilots to see how they fail, because if we do not, random noise with steer our path to some future, and there are a lot of very ugly potential futures to choose from …

  3. mathman says:

    It won’t work for very long for many reasons but the bottom line is that all of industrial civilization is unsustainable and collapsing as we speak. Unbelievable, worse than ever imagined climate change that we’ve triggered via overpopulation and the industrial revolution, is making humanity obsolete by destroying our habitat. Day by day, little by little more, until now we have storms the size of the East Coast while world-wide we’re witnessing an ever-increasing number of problems from disease to sea level rise, tenuous crop production (look at CA and Texas for two examples) via unpredictable weather and the resulting societal collapse that comes from it to an uptick in natural phenomena like earthquakes and volcanic activity.

    We’ve triggered too many tipping points to “correct course” now. The following link, though dated, has most of the problems listed, but ends with the usual hopium that continues business as usual – a big problem for humanity, in that the way we’re “living on” the Earth is killing its ability to support us. We’ve added man-made nuclear radiation that we can’t dispose of, or live with, to the collapse of the biosphere that we’ve caused through pollution of all kinds.


    • Concerned Neighbour says:

      mathman, this means the Fed will print more, right? Good for 100 more points on the S&P 500 on Monday?

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