Fascinating look at how one person tries to derive longer term life lessons from experience. (One life lesson missed: Brevity).

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3 Responses to “Lessons From My 20′s”

  1. Singmaster says:

    When I saw that his lesson not learned was brevity, I thought he meant the brevity of life.

  2. howardsiow says:

    Really nice slide show, Ryan, I hope you inspire others too. It’s great you have so much passion to change the world (some HBS influence I guess?)

    We have been working about 3 years to raise money for a synthetic biology startup, Genetifuel.com, that is led by ex-Harvard ex-MIT professor, who is one of the leading experts developing micro-organisms that can convert sunlight and waste to biofuels. What we are learning is there is no corporation or investment fund interested in investing $20M over 5 years to commercialize this technology. They are investing billions with the herd to bring down the cost of the immense reserves of coal-seam gas and shale oil. Algae-based biofuels will take 10+ years to scale and be cost competitive with these new fossil fuel sources.

    How do you persuade the herd to invest in developing clean biofuels when they have just reached critical mass investment in a new fossil fuel source?

  3. Slash says:

    Nearly 1,300 slides? Pass. Esp. from someone who isn’t 30 yet.