Weapons of Self Destruction was the name of his last HBO special. So brilliant, funny . . . and sad.


Robin Williams stand up comedy live from Washington


HBO: Robin Williams – comedian, writer and Academy Award-winning actor – returned to HBO for his first solo TV concert since 2002. The show was filmed at Washington D.C.’s DAR Constitution Hall on his sold-out “Weapons Of Self Destruction” national tour. Robin covers such topics as global warning, health care in America (suggesting a “cash for clunkers” for elderly relatives), and more personal topics such as his recent open heart surgery. Bonus features include clips from Robin’s previous concerts – some dating back to 1978 – as well as tour highlights filmed all along the 2009 tour.

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6 Responses to “RIP Robin Williams – Weapons of Self Destruction”

  1. sooperedd says:

    Gave so much joy to others. Inexplicable.

  2. Capitalist Canuck says:

    There’s gotta be a special place where these guys go — Bruce, Pryor, Carlin, Foxx…and now Williams — cuz heaven is just way too straight!

  3. bear_in_mind says:

    Hi Barry,

    Thanks for sharing this with readers. I consider myself fortunate to have seen Robin Williams doing stand-up twice in the early-1980′s in San Francisco. He helped usher in a renaissance of stand-up comedians not only in the Bay Area, but nationwide. Watching him live was electric because you knew you were witnessing something unique, yet fleeting and ephemeral. No one could predict just how far he might go, as the sky was the limit. Thus, it’s sad to see that he’s gone without a final curtain call to bask in the appreciation he so richly deserved.

    Many have commented on his mental illness, most without a solid grounding on what they’re discussing. Episodes seen in bipolar disorder and depression vary in length and intensity, not unlike the cold you suffered in Fall/Winter 2012 will be different from the cold you’ll contract over the next 12-24 months. Granted, it’s extremely rare when a cold triggers suicidal thoughts in an individual, but the larger point is that mood disorders fluctuate widely in severity and duration.

    Mr. Williams also had a depression risk factor not a single person I’ve heard has mentioned: heart disease and/or heart attack. Medical science hasn’t yet figured out the mechanisms behind the increased risk, but there’s very well known clinical research showing a STRONG correlation between heart problems and elevated risk of depression.

    Roll that general medical information into Bipolar Disorder II (i.e. includes both mania and depression), plus substance abuse relapse, which alters dopamine production and uptake in the brain, and you have substantially elevated potential for self-harming behavior.

    Finally, aging Caucasian males with suicidal ideation are the most likely demographic sub-group to act upon those thoughts + feelings — and succeeding in ending their lives.

    I say these things to make you and others aware that what Robin Williams suffered from wasn’t *just* factor X, Y or Z; rather, it was the synergy amongst these co-occurring factors that would have moved the needle from “sad” to “bleak” to “despondent” to “desperate” to “hopeless.”

    I dunno if better medical and/or mental health screening would have caught his most recent suicidal thoughts or not. But if you understand the significance of the interplay between these risk factors, you can better recognize if it’s time to have someone assessed on the severity and prevalence of these symptoms. You just might save the life of a loved one, friend, neighbor or colleague.

    As for Robin Williams, he came and went too soon, but his humanity towards his fellow men and women, not to mention his many artistic contributions, are legacies that will live on in his absence.

  4. tigerlilac says:

    Robin Williams was a unique talent and man. He was so great an entertainer and man that television’s late-night giant, Johnny Carson, asked him to be a guest on his last show (actually second to last because the last was a retrospective without guests) over 22 years ago. Carson understood talent and guts, two things Williams displayed in spades. Alas, depression was this Achilles’ heal.

  5. LiberTea says:

    Alas, he proved too much the expert on Weapons of Self Destruction.
    Others he could make laugh.