10 Wednesday AM Reads

Hand curated, dry aged, lovingly selected: Our mid-week morning train reads:

• Robo Advisors Take On Wall Street: Technology is transforming the insular world of financial advice. That’s good news for investors. (Barron’s)
• Can your investment portfolio survive rising interest rates? (Fortunesee also How Should Investors Prepare for Rising Rates? (Irrelevant Investor)
• Predictions and Prognostications: “It is exceedingly difficult to make predictions, particularly about the future” (Alpha Capturesee also The Courage of Outrageous Predictions (Phil Pearlman)
• GoDaddy Isn’t the Company You Think It Is (Wired)
• “What’s one thing you’ve learned at Harvard Business School that blew your mind?” (Medium)

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Feedback on Fox News

My little paper on Fox News has gotten an extraordinary amount of attention, downloaded 25,000 times already. I added a follow-up on how unskewed polls may have cost the Republicans the 2012 election by creating self-delusion about how well Romney was doing. Perhaps this is why 58 percent of Republicans thought the 2012 election was…Read More

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Dark Horse Candidate for 2016

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Inflation vs. P/E Model (1965 to Present)

  Relative to this morning’s column, consider this discussion about inflation and valuation: From Savita Subramanian: Inflation: The level of inflation also matters, and historically has had a strong relationship with PE multiples. Chart 2 below indicates that the relationship may not be linear, but many have simplified this relationship to the “Rule of 21”…Read More

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Embedded Predictions and the Valuation Debate

    Traders returning to their desks after the long holiday weekend will be greeted by the continuing Greek saga, a guessing game about when the Federal Reserve will raise rates and a megamerger in the cable industry. But the debate I am much more interested in is the one taking place about U.S. stock valuations. It is more…Read More

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10 Tuesday AM Reads

My Two-for-Tuesday post holiday weekend morning train reads: • For S&P 500, Expensive Is the New Cheap (Bloomberg) but see Don’t Count on Happy Returns for U.S. Stocks (MoneyBeat) • Hedge Funds: The Awkward Victors (Market Mogul) see also Hedge funds’ conspiracy of mediocrity keeps fees high, returns low (Fortune) • Yanis Varoufakis: Austerity Is the Only Deal-Breaker (Project Syndicate) see also…Read More

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The Startup Generator

I have been having some fun with The Startup Generator.   Click for a few random start ups:       The Startup Generator is a collaboration between Tiffany Zhang and Mike Bradley      

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Are Polls Always “Skewed” Against Republicans?

In my widely-discussed recent paper on Fox News, I suggested that its Republican bias was hurting the GOP in many ways. One specific example I raised on CNN’s “Reliable Sources” was that Republicans deluded themselves that Mitt Romney was doing better than he really was in 2012 due to cheerleading coverage on Fox, the only…Read More

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