10 Thursday AM Reads

Did Janet Yellen say something new yesterday? I wasn’t paying attention. Oh, and our morning train reads:

• The Worst Mutual Fund in the World (Fund Reference)
• Advisers’ Stock Recommendations Drag Down Clients’ Portfolios, Study Finds (WSJbut see How Financial Advisers Can Help Close the Behavior Gap (CFA Institute)
• Uber’s Phantom Cabs (Motherboard)
• Donald Trump Is The Nickelback Of GOP Candidates (FiveThirtyEight)
• Deal with it — Tom Brady and the Patriots are cheaters (Boston Globe)

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Market is Thinning Out

Source: WSJ

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Bank For International Settlements: 85th Annual Edition

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MiB: Dambisa Moyo on Why China Can’t Afford a Slowdown

This week on our Masters in Business radio podcast, we speak with international economist Dambisa Moyo. Moyo, named by Time magazine as one of the “100 Most Influential People in the World,” says that China’s slowdown creates a challenge for the government: if it wants to double per-capita income over the course of a generation it…Read More

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China’s Share of Foreign Investment

Click through to see the whole exhibit. Source: NYT

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10 Wednesday AM Reads

Our midweek explainer on just about everything will make you smarter by the time your morning train commute is over: • 6 Great Investors Explain What Makes Stocks Rise (Barron’s) • Nobody Knows How Much Bonds Cost (BV) • Gold: Is it really likely to hit 5,000 an ounce? (MutualFunds.com) • Are Home Prices Again Breaking Records? Not Really (Real…Read More

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China Bailout Charted

Awesome RBS graphic via FT Alphaville:   Source: FT Alphaville:  

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Systemic Risk: A New Trade-off for Monetary Policy?

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The US Averages One Mass Shooting Per Day in 2015

Source: WonkBlog h/t KnowMore

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Chipotle Spices Up The Minimum Wage Discussion

@TBPInvictus If you’re just joining us, here’s our story thus far: Some on the right took a fairly benign article out of a Seattle publication and twisted it to fit their agenda, i.e. that the increased minimum wage there would spell disaster for the Seattle restaurant scene as eateries closed in rapid succession. Their hopes…Read More

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