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3-D map of the adolescent universe

Source: Science Daily

From Science Daily:

3D map of the cosmic web at a distance of 10.8 billion years from Earth, generated from imprints of hydrogen gas observed in the spectrum of 24 background galaxies behind the volume. This is the first time that large-scale structures in such a distant part of the Universe have been directly mapped.

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College: The Great Unleveler

Source: Opinionator

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Economics Advances One Funeral at a Time . . .

Quantitative easing over. It is a good occasion to consider what we know about central bank intervention, when it is appropriate and when it isn’t. We have a century of broad and deep central bank history and data upon which to make our assessment. Yet we seem to ignore much of what has been learned…Read More

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Stimulate This!

Presented without comment:   Source: BusinessWeek  

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1933: Colombia Experts Oppose Gold Plan


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Fed’s Grand Experiment Draws to a Close

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Guide to Longer Living Through Science

Better Living Through Science Source: NY Times

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