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Where Are Clothes Manufactured?

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Rising Revenue + Increased Profits = Bull Rally

click for larger chart     I am off to Maine today for a few days of fishing and economic debate and drinking. Before I go, I wanted to share a chart we pulled together in the office yesterday from the BBRG terminal. It was in response to the usual statement “This rally is driven…Read More

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10 MidWeek AM Reads

My morning airplane reads (continues here): • Blackstone’s Byron Wien: Why S&P 500 Could Hit 2300 This Year (MoneyBeat) •’s new economist won’t tell you ‘It’s a great time to buy or sell a home’ (Inman News) • How well we don’t understand probability (Flowing Data) see also Uncertainty About How Best to Convey…Read More

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BBRG TV: Twitter v Facebook, Smartwatches, UPS Drones

I guest hosted on BBRG TV yesterday with Stephanie Ruhle for two hours. It is exhausting, but it flies by and is over before you know it.

A few video segments are after the jump:

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10 Tuesday PM Reads

My afternoon train reads: • Fed’s rate debate looks set to heat up (WSJ) • Rhode Island Denies Newspaper Access to Records of Hedge Fund Investments by Pension System (Pension360) • The Paradox of the Argentine Debt Drama (Bloomberg View) • Choose your parents wisely (Economist) • Million-Dollar U.S. Housing Loans Surge to Record Level (Bloomberg)…Read More

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Degrees of Spending

Click for some interactive internets. Source: Retale

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Source: Societe General, BlackRock

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10 Tuesday AM Reads

My morning train reads (continues here): • The significant problem in small cap (FT Alphaville) • The Gold Standard Was an Accident of History (Macro and Other Market Musings) • U.S. foreign-exchange trading drops nearly 20% (WSJ) • If you want to be rich and powerful, majoring in STEM is a good place to start…Read More

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Beware those who are never, and can never be wrong.

Lately, I have been hear an interesting type of argument. It is a form of debate that is both disingenuous and dishonest. We will call this the “Can’t Lose Argument,” or CLA. Worse than confirmation bias, it is a money-losing exercise in narcissism. The CLA goes something like this: A data point will be mentioned,…Read More

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Guest Host: Bloomberg TV with Stephanie Ruhle 10am-12pm

I am guest hosting Market Makers today with the delightful Stephanie Ruhle from 10 am-12 pm. We will be talking Argentina, IPOs, Tech, and lots of other good stuff. Check it out here  

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