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MiB: Financial Engines’ Jeff Maggioncalda

This week on our Masters in Business interview, we speak with Jeff Maggioncalda, co-founder and former CEO of Financial Engines.

Co-founded with Nobel laureate William Sharpe, Financial Engines manages over $115 billion in corporate 401k plans using the capital asset pricing model insights Sharpe developed. 

Financial Engines was a free website Sharpe had developed, and at the urging of a few colleagues (who eventually became investors in the start up), it was turned into an actual company.

Maggioncalda got his undergraduate degree and MBA from Stanford. Sharpe was one of his intellectual heroes (He gave the undergraduate commencement speech at his Maggioncalda’s graduation). When the opportunity to work along side the Nobel laureate came along, he jumped at it.

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Retirement Inequality

In the Republican presidential debate Wednesday night, the issue of income inequality came up with surprising frequency. Why that happened is worthy of its own column; for now, let’s explore the issue with some recent data. Specifically, I want to consider inequality in the funding of our collective retirements. As a nation, we do a…Read More

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Nudge? More Savings, Less Choice

Firms are boosting automatic retirement-savings rate, but there is some pushback from employees:   Click for ginormous graphic Source: WSJ

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Firing a Researcher on Fiduciaries for Breaching A Fiduciary Duty

Over the years, I have written and spoken positively about the fiduciary standard (see e.g., this or this or this). Simply stated, a fiduciary is obligated to put the client’s interest first. Period. It is higher duty of care owed to clients than the traditional broker “suitability standard.” I’ll say more another time about why the new Department of Labor…Read More

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401Ks Should Not be Complicated or Expensive

Over the years, I have been critical of the way 401(k)s are created, administered and managed. They can be expensive and filled with underperforming actively managed funds, some of which charge way too much. Some retirement plans offer too little diversification, especially in international and emerging-market sectors. I have also noted that you, the individual investor,…Read More

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Funds in Morningstar’s 401(k)

click through for full article Source: Morningstar

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Investor Friendly Tax Policy Both Parties Can Like

It’s tax day. Perhaps like millions of your fellow Americans, you waited to the last minute to file and will be trudging off to the post office or filing electronically later today. I’m not going to lecture about your procrastination. However, I am going to ask you two somewhat tax-related questions: 1. How much have…Read More

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Supersized IRAs Under U.S. Scrutiny

About 9,000 U.S. taxpayers have each accumulated at least $5 million in individual retirement accounts, said the Government Accountability Office, raising questions about some investors’ tax-advantaged returns. Zimmerman Edelson Partner Robert Zimmerman and Bloomberg’s Peter Cook also discuss tax inversions on “Street Smart.”

Source: Bloomberg, Sept. 16 2014

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Top 50 S&P 500 Companies’ 401(k)s

  Click for the interactive version.   Source: Bloomberg Visual Data  

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The Retirement Delusion

A recent Gallup poll asked working Americans what they expected in retirement. “Half of Americans think they will have enough money to live comfortably after they retire.” This is the first time since before the financial crisis that a majority of Americans have felt this way. The poll is very revealing about both investing psychology…Read More

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