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Honest Rating Agency Is Punished for Telling the Truth

While Hooey-Peddling Agencies Are Rewarded

The big 3 government backed ratings agencies (technically known as Nationally Recognized Statistical Rating Organization) – S&P, Moody’s and Fitch – all committed massive fraud, which was a prime cause of the 2008 economic crash.

They took bribes for higher ratings, “sold their soul“, engaged in a “culture of covering up improper ratings“, and said that anyone who believed them was an idiot.  And see this.

They also played games to avoid downgrading U.S. credit.  Basically, they scratched the government’s back, so the government scratched their back.

On the other hand, government-backed rating agency Egan-Jones has consistently been more honest and forthright in its ratings of countries and corporations, and more aggressive than Moody’s or S&P in downgrading U.S. credit (and see this).

So guess which rating agency just got stripped for a year and a half of its government-backed rating agency status?

Yup … Egan-Jones.

Given that the government’s whole strategy in dealing with the financial crisis is to cover up the fraud (the “financial reform” legislation didn’t do anything much to reform rating agency shenanigans), honesty cannot go unpunished.

Postscript: It is possible that Egan-Jones did something wrong. But given that the main business model of S&P, Moody’s and Fitch is fraud – and Egan-Jones is in general much more objective and honest – it is clear that Egan-Jones was singled out and punished because of its cynicism as to the creditworthiness of the U.S. and its favored sons, such as the big banks.

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SEC Bans Wrong Ratings Agency

Throw back the little ones And pan fry the big ones Use tact, poise and reason And gently squeeze them -Steely Dan, Throw back the Little Ones   The WSJ is reporting that the Securities and Exchange Commission has suspended small ratings firm Egan-Jones from issuing any “official ratings” on bonds issued by countries, U.S. states,…Read More

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S&P 500 Index at Inflection Point

Dr. David P. Kelly of JP Morgan Asset Management quarterly deck is out. Its a regular favorite of mine, laden as it is with great charts that look at the very long term. You can download the entire 69 page deck here.   click for ginormous chart Source: JP Morgan Funds

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4 Companies Provided Half of SPX 2012 Earnings Growth

Source: Adam Parker, Morgan Stanley   Today’s absurd datapoint comes from Slate’s Moneybox: 88% of the S&P500 earnings growth for 2012 came from just 10 firms. Just four companies—Apple, AIG, Goldman Sachs, and Bank of America—together provided a majority of overall earnings growth among large-cap companies.   Source: Four Companies That Together Provided Most of…Read More

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QOTD: Housing Recovery

I moderated a few panels at the PEW conference in DC this summer with Sheila Bair — and the stand out to me was Laurie Goodman. I think this quote today sums up the Housing recovery meme perfectly:   “While we have seen many dramatic headlines touting the housing recovery over the past 3.5 years,…Read More

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Sell Side Indicator Still Shows Extreme Bearishness

Wall Street pays QE3 no mind Source: Merrill Lynch   Merrill Lynch’s Equity & Quant Strategist, Savita Subramanian, notes that Wall Street is still excessively bearish, and that this remains a reliable contrarian indicator: The Sell Side Indicator is based on the average recommended equity allocation of Wall Street strategists as of the last business…Read More

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UBS: Not All Municipalities Are the Same

In light of the California bankruptcies and the usual belated downgrades comes this nice overview on Municipalities from UBS analysts Thomas McLoughlin and Kristin Stephens, titled Municipal Bonds: City credit quality reconsidered. They did a screen of credit quality via the Merritt Research database of 284 cities, and note come to the oft overlooked conclusion…Read More

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The Occasional Yin and Yang of Research

Two reports from different wirehouses caught my eye yesterday due to their amazing Yin and Yang nature. First up, the always excellent Equity & Quant Strategist at BAML, Savita Subramanian (the Yin), issued a report titled Wall St. Proclaims the Death of Equities. The report discusses the firm’s proprietary sell-side indicator, which has reached near…Read More

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Picture Guide to Financial Markets Since 1800

Equity prices & bond yields since 1900   I don’t often give props to big Sell Side firms, but today I must make an exception. Merrill Lynch’s Equity Strategy group put out The Longest Pictures: Picture Guide to Financial Markets Since 1800 this week. Its a 102 page doozy looking at every asset class and country going back…Read More

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Facebook Analyst Coverage: Meh!

6 Buys, 3 Neutrals Average Price Target = $39 BofA/Merrill – Neutral – $38 PT Goldman Sachs – Buy – $42 PT Oppenheimer – Outperform – $41 PT JPMorgan – Overweight – $45 PT Piper Jaffray – Overweight – $41 PT Wells Fargo – Outperform – $37-$40 Range Credit Suisse – Neutral – $34 PT…Read More

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