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Lessons from 2007

I am working on a year end article for the — A Dozen Lessons from 2007 for CEOs, fund managers and investors.

Since you guys so quickly answered my first question, here’s another: 

Next question:  What company(s) handled a major mishap, error, or disaster well? Did someone mess up, but did a sincere mea culpa and was not punished?

I remember there was at least one (Traget? Schwab?) but I cannot recall what it was

Anyone recall who that might have been ?


UPDATE: Reader suggestions, Q1:

One of the bullet points is: "Stick to what you do best."

I came up with 2 good examples, but I could use some more:

What was online broker E*Trade doing writing sub-prime mortgages?

What was investment bank Bear Stearns (BSC) running 2 hedge funds?

H&R Block are supposed to be tax preparers, not mortgage lenders.

And exactly what was GM’s expertise in underwriting mortgages (the snarkier amongst you might be wondering exactly what-the-hell GM’s expertise is in anything)

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