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California Teachers takes Harvard to School

For a long time, the fund managers at Yale’s endowment were the industry’s gold standard. Inevitably, as in so many things Ivy, this was noticed by rival Harvard. The so-called Yale Model, developed by David Swensen and his colleague Dean Takahashi, was rich with alternative investments, private equity, commodities and real estate and other items that weren’t plain vanilla stock and bond investments.

The success of the Yale Model led to lots of copycats. The problem was that other schools could duplicate the look, but not quite the feel of Yale’s endowment investments, but without Swensen’s unique talents. He even wrote a book explaining how to be like Yale’s endowment titled, “Pioneering Portfolio Management: An Unconventional Approach to Institutional Investment.”

For a while, Harvard came close to matching Yale’s success. It had a worthy rival for Swensen in investment chief Jack Meyer. At one point, Harvard Management Co. was throwing off superior returns. Fortune observed that the “120 or so people who work there are masters of short-term trading, initiating as many as 250,000 transactions a year. Their bets have often focused on undervalued situations and arbitrage opportunities in global stock and bond markets.”

But as Fortune reported in 2005, Meyer was paid more than $7 million dollars a year — seven times what Swensen was making. Paying successful managers handsomely looked justifiable. But it ran up against certain notions of Ivy League decorum. The negative perception of a richly compensated managerial team led to the sort of touchy-feely academic posturing that most of us in the real world find silly. Offended by the high cost of this talented team of managers, the brain trust that is the Harvard professorial class, with encouragement from alumni, forced changes that ultimately worked to the detriment of the endowment — and the university as a whole.

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Coming to D.C. October 15-16th

  Next month, myself and some staffers will be visiting a few clients and prospective clients in the Washington, D.C. area. Many of you are familiar with my investing philosophy, but this is an opportunity to have a more in depth and personal conversation. If you are interested in meeting with us, hearing our views on the…Read More

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Time — Not Timing — is Key to Investing Success

> My Sunday Washington Post Business Section column is out. As a follow up to our previous discussion of the World’s Greatest Trader®, this  morning, we look at the Worlds Greatest (and Worst) Market Timer®. As we did last time out, we assumed magical powers for our theoretical trader, giving him the ability to bottom…Read More

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Annual Asset Class Returns

Source: Novel Investor   Have a look a the chart above (click on the chart for a larger interactive version). This chart ranks the past 15 years of returns for eight major asset classes (large-cap stocks, small-cap stocks, developed-market stocks, emerging-market stocks, real estate investment trusts, high-grade bonds, high-yield bonds and cash). We can divide…Read More

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30 Most Influential People in Finance & Wealth

Posted without comment Source: April Rudin, HuffPo

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Where Did All of the Volume Go?

Source: BCA   Today’s chart comes to us from Chen Zhao of the Bank Credit Analyst, who writes in a research report: The financial services industry have (sic) begun to feel the pinch of the fallout from low volatility and zero interest rates. The average return delivered by hedge funds has fallen sharply since the…Read More

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Asset Class Dashboard

Nice way to show asset class performance from Russell Investments:   click for larger graphic Source: Russell Investments

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Why Hire an Advisor?

Nice short list from Rick Ferri: There are other reasons to hire an adviser even if you’re an index believer. Here is a partial list: To put space between you and your investments so that you don’t make emotional decisions. To do detailed research on asset allocation or index funds because you would rather spend…Read More

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Asset Class Dashboard

Click for an interactive graphic. Source: Russell Investments   This reminds me quite a bit of Riskalyze.   More here

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