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Building a Beginner Portfolio

Josh Brown takes CNBC readers to school:

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The New Great Rotation: Commodities into Bonds

You probably heard the chatter over the past few quarters: “The Great Rotation” was about to unleash a new leg up in Equities. Bonds were going to be sold, equities purchased, and a new leg up was starting.

The story goes something like this: U.S. Treasury Bonds had enjoyed a 30 year bull market, and it was now coming to an end. Paul Volcker rebooted fixed income, taking rates to 20% to break inflation, and in the three decades since bonds have seen their prices inflate as rates normalized, then fell precariously low, then were driven to zero by QE. That cycle is over, we are told, as rates now have nowhere to go but up, and investors will soon become sensible and rotate into equities.

Except, of course, that it hasn’t.

Why? Perhaps we should consider an alternative explanation to the sector rotation story, which is rapidly being revealed as little more than wishful thinking.

The story that is not getting told nearly as much: The investment community noticed the success of Endowment funds (e.g., Yale’s David Swensen). The monkey-see-monkey-do community, ignoring valuations and prior gains, hired new consultants to shake it up. “Make us look like Yale” they pleaded to the mostly worthless community of consultants. No fools they, the overpaid consultants happily complied, and the next thing we know, these Whiffenpoof Wannabes are up to their eyeballs in private equity, hedge funds, structured products, real estate, and commodities/managed futures.

Gee, late-to-the-party investors in illiquid, pricey investments — who ever could have imagined that this was not going work out particularly well.

Time for a change: Fast forward a disastrous decade. As managers and consultants were replaced/fired, the new guys wanted to start unwinding the work of their priors. Since most of these alternative asset classes are illiquid, there is not a lot of wiggle room without severe haircuts (penalties for early withdrawal). What to do.

One of the few that is not are the Commodities/Managed futures bucket. My guess, based on prices and logic, is that these new managers are selling what they can — and that is commodities.

What do the charts (after jump) say?

Gold and Silver flat for 2 years. Energy for even longer. Agricultural products back to 2010 prices. Industrial metals near 2010 lows.

Commodities started the 2000s so promising — what with rampant inflation and the dollar losing 41% of its value, have since gone nowhere. So the new guys are sellers, and the money is going into less esoteric, liquid assets.

That means traditional assets: Munis, Treasuries and Corporates for the safe money, stocks for their risk assets.

The great rotation is already underway. Just not the way the stock bulls have been hoping for.




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AAII Asset Allocation & Deviation Equity Mean

Click to enlarge     Yesterday, I mentioned that 2 things that led to the chart above: 1) Too many people are looking for a correction for one to occur; 2) Bearish sentiment rises after selling has already occurred. With that as our backdrop, consider what it means in terms of long term swings in…Read More

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SocGen: Pensions Have Too Many Bonds, Too Few Stocks

click for larger chart     I am putting the finishing touches on a presentation for tonight in Winnipeg and working in the chart above. It comes from Albert Edwards, the London-based global strategist at Société Générale. “I am starting to think the move by institutions away from equities has gone too far”  he writes….Read More

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Montier: Strategic Asset Allocation ≠ Static Asset Allocation

JM-I Want to Break Free

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Ritholtz’s Rules of Investing (part II)

> My Sunday Washington Post Business Section column is out. This morning, we look at Ritholtz’s rules of investing (part II). Here’s an excerpt from the column: “This week, we’re going to pick up with my rules for investing. These rules come from 20 years of experience – or 20 years of learning from my…Read More

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Ritholtz vs Siegel on SFTLR

Source: Yahoo

Part II coming later today

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Equity Exposure as Percentage of Portfolios

click for larger chart Source: Federal Reserve     Given yesterday’s Bonds beat Stocks discussion, I thought this chart might be worth reviewing. Its from the most recent Federal Reserve Flow of Funds Accounts of the United States (Q1 2012). My thesis continues to be that the death of equity type attitudes are cyclical; When there is widespread…Read More

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July ETF Performance Recap

From Econompic Data, comes this look at July’s ETF performance by asset class: > click for larger chart Source: Econompic Data

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Why Are We Surprised When Artist’s Values Fluctuate?

One of the biggest problems caused by the Contemporary Art market boom of the last 13 years is the ways in which it has confused the world about how the art market works and what determines value. The issue isn’t trivial. The art market is generally believed to have $50-60 billion dollars a year in…Read More

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