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Stop the “Blame Game” ?

“Lets stop playing the blame game.”


I cringe every time I hear someone say that.


Because its not a game — this is serious business.

As a nation, we need to understand how this economic mess occurred; why certain companies were allowed to operate with reckless abandon; why the taxp-ayers had to pay to clean it up. We need to hold those people who broke the law or violated their fiduciary obligations or the public trust accountable. We must stop wasting taxpayer monies. We have to prevent this from happening all over again;

Or, we can stop playing the “blame game,” let the guilty parties walk away wioth their tax-payer funded lucre, and allow the sheeple to go back to watching American Idol.

None of this sounds like a game to me . . .

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Podcast: King World News

> I did a long interview with Eric King of King World: “Author of Bailout Nation. Barry is a frequent commentator on CNBC, Barry Ritholtz is a regular guest on Financial TV. He has guest-hosted Squawk Box on numerous occasions, and also appears regularly on Bloomberg, and Fox. In this interview Barry talks about why…Read More

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Krugman’s Crisis Responsibility: Reagan or Bush ?

As often as not, I find myself agreeing with professor Paul Krugman on economic issues. We both were named one of the 14 Most Strident Critics of Obama; we each have been critics of bailing out insolvent zombie banks; neither of us cared for Hank Paulson’s massive monetary giveaways. We’ve also disagreed on things, most recently…Read More

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Appearance: Huntington Book Revue June 19


Next week, I will at the Huntington Book Revue, discussing Bailout Nation.

The event is on Friday night, June 19, at 7pm. I won’t do a reading, but I will discuss some of the more incredible factoids from the book, how it came to be, was written and rewritten. Oh, and there will be a discussion of the usual bailout related issues, plus a Q&A.

If you live in Nassau or Suffolk County, swing by and say hello!

Directions after the jump

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Housing Helix Podcast

I had fun doing this podcast with Jonathan Miller of Miller Samuel: Barry Ritholtz, Bailout Nation, Fusion IQ & The Big Picture Blog 11 Jun 2009 | Economy, Interviews, Podcasts I had the pleasure of speaking with Barry Ritholtz of Fusion IQ and The Big Picture weblog.  He’s a wealth of information and never pulls…Read More

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Compensation Is the Symptom, Not the Problem

Over the past few days, the compensation issue of senior execs art big finance firms has been front page news. The Obama administration is even appointing a “Comp Tzar.” I find it amazing that at this late stage of the bailouts, how so few people — still — see the full picture. A perfect example…Read More

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Signed Copy of Bailout Nation

Quite a few of you asked how to get a signed copy of the book. Rather than have you incur round trip shipping costs, I have arranged for the first 500 people to request a signed copy will receive signature plates for free. Go to this URL and fill out the form . . .

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Bailout Nation: Bloomberg on the Economy

Last night, I was on Bloomberg On the Economy with Tom Keene. The podcast is at their site, and the iTunes podcast should be up later tonite. Tom is a great interviewer who asks terrific questions, and makes it easy. They give me plenty of room to answer a wide variety of questions. Click for…Read More

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Was the TARP a Ruse?

The rush to repay TARP monies gives us another opportunity to consider why the hell this absurd financial giveaway ever happened in the first place. A close inspection suggests some dishonesty on the part of the prior Treasury Secretary. From its inception, the TARP never made much sense. Forcing banks that did not need money…Read More

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Media Appearance: Bloomberg Radio

Tonite, I will be on Bloomberg On the Economy with Tom Keene for the full hour. (I just taped it). It will be on Bloomberg Radio from 6pm to 7pm. It will also show up as a podcast at iTunes Music Store. Tom is a great interviewer who asks terrific questions, and makes it easy….Read More

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