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7 Factors That Led to Crisis

As I was working on Bailout Nation, I struggled to find a way to communicate the myriad forces that combined to cause the collapse.  The book details the many elements involved, but I wanted a visual way to depict what I took 20 chapters to explain.

I had long been a fan of Wall Stats — the great site that Jess Bachman runs. Over the course of a few days, I described the various factors and how they interact.

Jess took what I described, and turned it into a terrific graphic that goes a long way to explain what happened (credit the bomb to Mrs Big Picture).

It became the centerfold of the book, running just before Part IV (Bailout Nation).




I don’t think any other graphic has so cleanly depicted the factors that led to the crisis developed . . .

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Bailout Nation Videos Posted @ Amazon

I shot some videos a few weeks ago about Chrysler and Lehman Brothers from Bailout Nation, and they are now posted at Amazon: click for video

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The World’s Ugliest Chart

Is via the Fed, and its on Bank Profits: ~~~ Source: Profits and Balance Sheet Developments at U.S. Commercial Banks in 2008 Morten L. Bech and Tara Rice, Federal Reserve, June 2, 2009

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Financial Overhaul Plan ?

Yesterday, I lamented that “So far, the Obama administration approach to bailouts has been to keep running Bush Economic Term III.” The reference was to the continuation of the Bush policies, by many of the same people involved in that prior, ruinous bailout approach. Soon, we shall find out if Team Obama’s “Change we can…Read More

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How Much is Reagan Responsible for Bailout Nation ?

Paul Krugman has a fascinating OpEd today, essentially tracing the current economic crisis all the way back to Ronald Reagan. In Bailout Nation, I place a small measure of blame on Reagan for a) appointing Greenspan; and 2) being the intellectual father of the radical deregulation movement. Krugman goes much further than I. Beyond the…Read More

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Busted Banks Rebuff Regulation

Front page of the NY Times goes over the shameful behavior of banks — one of the primary causes of the entire crisis — using bailout money to pay lobbyists to maintain the regulatory status quo. Its yet another reason for why they should have been put into bankruptcy once they became insolvent. So far,…Read More

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NPR Marketplace on Bailout Nation


I did a fun interview with NPR’s Marketplace on Bailout Nation.


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Bloomberg Review: Bailout Nation

The first mainstream review on Bailout Nation is out, and its from Bloomberg (Europe). I am not disappointed: “Ritholtz waltzes the reader though the decisions and missteps that landed us in this morass, including the Federal Reserve’s power grab over the years, notably during the leadership vacuum of 2007 and 2008, when markets melted like…Read More

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Finally! Bailout Nation Publishes Today

(For those of you sick of hearing about the book, register, then “deselect” bailout nation as a category — you will never see another post on the subject again!) ~~~ At long last, the date is finally here: The book officially publishes today, May 26, 2009. Some pretty encouraging news so far on sales.  As…Read More

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The Back Story to Bailout Nation

Tomorrow is the official publication date of Bailout Nation. This is the back story to how and why the book came to be. > Long story short:  After Bill Fleckenstein’s GREENSPAN’S BUBBLES was published, McGraw Hill asked him to do a follow up to that book. He wisely said no. However, Bill suggested they contact…Read More

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