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WSJ: What Did We Learn From the Financial Crisis?

“The Big Picture” blogger and Fusion IQ CEO Barry Ritholtz looks back at the events of 2008 and makes the case for the true legacy of the financial collapse.

Ritholtz: Did Anyone Learn From the Financial Crisis?

Running Time 4:26 9/10/2013 10:35:11 AM

Source: WSJ

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Bankistan Vanquishes America

Is there a single doubt left in your mind? Are you still a believer in Rufus T. Firefly Jamie Dimon as the world’s smartest banker? Is there a scintilla of wonder left in your mind that the giant banks are legitimate? Have you come around to understanding — finally — what some of us have…Read More

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Our Typical, Mediocre Post Credit Crisis Recovery…

Source: CNN Money   It is the silly political season, and while each side levels accusations at each other, neither wants to admit the simple truth: Both political parties helped to create the credit crisis (In Bailout Nation, I put it about 55/45). The Obama administration underestimated the depth of the recession, and failed to…Read More

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What May Be in Store at Yahoo Finance

Now that its been announced, I can share some details with you about Aaron Task, Yahoo Finance‘s new and first Editor-in-Chief. I have known and worked with Aaron for over a decade, beginning with my early days as a contributor to Aaron was the Managing Editor — and one of those rare birds who…Read More

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NYTimes Takes on “The Big Lie”

I am please to report that calling out the Big Lie has now gone fully mainstream. Recall last month, I had two Big Lie columns in the Washington Post: • What caused the financial crisis? The Big Lie goes viral. • Examining the big lie: How the facts of the economic crisis stack up The…Read More

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I agree with Michele Bachmann

Well, at least about this one thing: She and I are quite sympatico — at least when it comes to criticizing the Bush troika (Bush/Paulson/Bernanke) for the absurd bailouts of failed banks: “The Bush administration … was embracing a kind of ‘bailout socialism,’ ” wrote the Minnesota congresswoman, who is running for the GOP presidential…Read More

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Government Blameless in Bubble/Bust/Bailouts?

Reason has a critique of The Big Lie column. It was so disingenuous, I did something I rarely do: I sent an email to the author and editors at Reason. It went something like this: I was disappointed to read your comments about my “Big Lie” column. You seem to have completely misread who I…Read More

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WSJ: Fact Checking Romney

The WSJ called out Mitt Romney for repeating the Big Lie in the CNBC Presidential debate: “Markets work. When you have government play its heavy hand, markets blow up and people get hurt,” Mr. Romney said, blaming Democrats for rules that he said force banks to make ill-advised loans. Some conservative academics have said that…Read More

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Banking’s Self Inflicted Wounds

Morgan Stanley in a free fall. Goldman Sachs at multi-year lows. Citigroup looking Ugly. Bank of America off 50% from recent highs. You may be wondering what is going on with the major firms in the financial sector. While each of these firms have different problems — vampire squids to Countrywide acquisitions — they all…Read More

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Here is Bailout Nation, Chapter 12: Strange Connections, Unintended Consequences: ~~~ Bailout Nation, Chapter 12: Strange Connections, Unintended Consequences

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