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Bailout Nation: GQ Review

Wow, great new review of Bailout Nation in GQ:

“If you read nothing else about money, read [this}:

There has been no shortage of books to explain our recent recession, but to understand what the hell we all just lived through and how the fallout is going to affect us for a loooong time to come, read Barry Ritholtz’s Bailout Nation: How Greed and Easy Money Corrupted Wall Street and Shook the World Economy. Ritholtz is a scarily smart and righteously angry financial insider, and this book, which rips Wall Street a new one, is gripping and completely comprehensible even if you’ve never bought a stock in your life.”


New Rules of Personal Finance and Complete Fiscal Sanity

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Bill Clinton: Derivatives? My Bad…

“I think they were wrong and I think I was wrong to take” their advice.” -President Bill Clinton, April 18, 2010 on on ABC’s “This Week.” > In Bailout Nation, I held Bill Clinton, and his two Treasury Secretaries, Robert Rubin and Larry Summers, responsible for signing the ruinous Commodity Futures Modernization Act that exempt…Read More

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Bailout Nation Updated Reviews

Here are the most up-to-date collection of reviews for Bailout Nation: USA Today: “Best books to make sense of financial crisis of 2009” Miami Herald: “Best business books of 2009” Marketplace Radio: The best business books of 2009 Stock Trader’s Almanac: “Investment Book of the Year” “Succeeds in laying out all that transpired in easy-to-understand…Read More

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Make Markets Be Markets Conference Videos

Last week, I attended the Make Markets Be Markets conference. All of the videos from the conference are now posted (here). I found Elizabeth Warren’s discussion on the proposed Consumer Financial Protection Agency to be outstanding; I posted it here.

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Not Regulatory Imprudence, Nonfeasance~!

In his column titled An Irish Mirror, Paul Krugman notes “the most striking similarity between Ireland and America was “regulatory imprudence”: the people charged with keeping banks safe didn’t do their jobs.”  (emphasis mine) The phrase “regulatory imprudence” is far to imprecise — and wimpy — to describe what took place. Imprudent, as defined by…Read More

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Geithner, Summers Lead FOMC Vacancy Search

Oh, goody, the status quo duo are leading the search for not one but three FOMC governors. These two are notable not only for their devotion to The Street, but for their acute lack of judgment in most matters financial. They are the reason Obama is quite possibly going to be a one term President….Read More

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February’s Most Popular Books on TBP

One of the cool things about Amazon is the ability to track what gets purchased when referred from the site. For privacy reasons, I only know what was purchased, not by who — so whoever bought Ginger Lynn’s The Pleasure Hunt video, your secret is safe). I find it intriguing to see which books were…Read More

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Stock Twits Interview

I did this interview with Howard Lindzon months ago — forgot all about it until he sent me the embed code for it just now.

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Bookonomics (or, why writers barely make min. wage)

One of the questions I get all the time is about the economics of the book: How much did it sell, what was your advance, what did it cost to produce. I was thinking about this as I prepare for April 15th, so I did a quick run down of costs. Here is the skinny:…Read More

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Markets! Finance! Scandal!

I did an interview with Max Keiser out of Germany last week — they only had to bleep me twice.

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