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The Federal Reserve & Moral Hazard

Harvey Rosenblum, 38 Year veteran of the Fed, and now head of Research of the Dallas Fed.

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The Money Quote is:  The Job of Federal Reserve of the is to create Moral Hazard

fascinating stuff . . .

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The Big Freddie Mac

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His Name is Mudd

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Bernanke Bailout

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China’s View of US SubPrime Issues

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Fannie & Freddie & Peter Pan Paulson

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Protest at the Fed

While we are sitting around waiting for the widely anticipated stand pat 2:15 FOMC Fed statement, here are some interesting photos of a protest at last months meeting:




Full set of photos here

Hat tip: Cunning Realist


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Poole: Save Fannie/Freddie, Then Dismantle Them

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Quote of the Day: Rampant Capitalism ?

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