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TDS: A Nightmare on Wall Street

The government executes a shakedown-witch hunt-scalping-jihad against JP Morgan Chase.

October 23, 2013 (05:05)

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Criticism by Architect of Japanese Quantitative Easing of Fed Policy

Architect of Japanese Quantitative Easing Policy Says QE HARMS the Economy In the Long-Run … and that the Fed Is Stuck In a QE Trap Fed Policy Is Failing Many top economists have said that quantitative easing doesn’t help the economy. But many argue that – without QE – the economy would be much worse….Read More

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How Much is QE Driving Equity Markets? (Hint: Not 100%)

click for larger graphic Jim Bianco via Forbes     Over the past few days, we have been discussing what the impact of QE has been on the economy. Forbes columnist Bob Lenzer channels Michael Cembalest of J.P. Morgan to dive deeper into that concept and look at what markets have been doing in response…Read More

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Does No QE = Recession ?

click for larger graphic Source: Political Calculations     Earlier this morning, I suggested that when we consider the results of QE on NFP, we also consider what the world might look like in its absence. (Long term readers might recall I suggested we do the same thing with the bailouts as well, with the…Read More

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NFP & the QE Counter-Factual

One of the analytical errors I seem to constantly come across is what I call the non-result result. It goes something like this: If you do X, and there is no measurable change, X is therefore ineffective. The problem with this analysis is the lack of a control group, If you are testing a new…Read More

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Is There Are A Far Greater Level of Wrongdoing at JPMorgan?

Gordon Kerr, consultant at Cobden Partners, talks with Guy Johnson about the potential $13 billion settlement by JPMorgan to end civil claims over its sales of mortgage bonds. He speaks on Bloomberg Television’s “The Pulse.”

Bloomberg, Oct. 21 2013

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Martin Wolf Weatherall Lecture 2013

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Government Shutdown Caused By Bad Policy By Both Parties

The Real Cause of the Crisis: Forget Partisan Rhetoric … The Threatened Government Shutdown Is Caused By Bad Policy By BOTH PARTIES Preface: Remember what the Founding Fathers said about partisan soap operas. While partisans focus on specific things the other side is doing – “Obamacare” and the “debt ceiling” are the buzzwords of the…Read More

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$11 Billion Fine? Just a Cost of Doing Business

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JPM fine


$11 Billion Fine? Just a Cost of Doing Business for JPMorgan: Ritholtz
Jeff Macke
Breakout – Thu, Sep 26, 2013

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No, the Fall of Lehman Didn’t Cause the Financial Crisis

Lehman didn’t cause the financial crisis, no matter what the partisans say Barry Ritholtz Washington Post, September 20, 10:34 AM     To many people, the 2008-09 financial crisis was a complex, fast- moving news story and an anagram-laden, horrifying collapse. Such events often give rise to false histories, myths and ideologically driven narratives. It…Read More

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