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Books in the Queue

I always have a giant stack of books waiting to be read — the part of The Matrix I coveted the most was the process of downloading entire books directly into the cerebelum in about 3 seconds.

Until that technology is perfected, these will be awaiting when precious time gets freed up to plow thru them.

Over the long weekend, I did start Ken Fisher’s The Only Three Questions That Count.

And I got a Festivus present from Donna at CNBC — 3 books that look intriguing (and in all liklihood that I will only get around to skimming): Don Tapscott’s Wikinomics: How Mass Collaboration Changes Everything looks really intriguing. So many firms from Amazon to Zillow now rely on user generated content. 

Tim Harford writes the Undercover Economist column for FT. Not surprisingly, his first book is called The Undercover Economist.

Finally, the book many people will feel obligated to read (but won’t) Nobel prize-winner Joseph E. Stiglitz’ Making Globalization Work. I suspect it will be economic’s answer to Stephen Hawking’s A Brief History of Time (bought by many, read by few).

Anyway, here’s what clogging up the queue:

* Sigh *   So many pages, so little time.

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