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Top 5 Books of readers of this site

Interesting to see what the top selling books you guys are buying (referred from this site to Amazon):

1. Richest Man in Babylon   27 sold (19 new + 8 used)

2. More Than You Know    23    (21 + 2)

3. Unexpected Returns: Understanding Secular Stock Market Cycles    22 (22 + 0)

4. Hedgehogging   17   (12 + 5)

5. Naked Economics: Undressing the Dismal Science    12    (10 +2)

Kind of fascinating; I would have thought the more expenseive books would have seen more used buying; The Richest Man in Babylon was about the same used or new if you qualified for free shipping

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“More Than You Know”

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Why No Tip Jar?

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Apprenticed Investor: More Reading for Investors

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Apprenticed Investor: Reading Is Fundamental

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Books for Reviews

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The Ongoing Decline in Media/Entertainment Revenues

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Technical Analysis from A to Z

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Why Write ?

Terrific quote from Daniel Boorstin, who wrote 2 tomes that I really enjoyed — The Discoverers, and The Creators — over his years as Chief Librarian at the Library of Congress. Here’s the quote: “Daniel Boorstin, the former librarian of Congress, used to rise at 5 each morning and write for two hours before going…Read More

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10 rules to Win the “Loser’s Game”

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