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What Will Human Brains Be Like in 1000 Years?

Dr. David Eagleman journeys into the future and asks what’s next for the human brain, and for our species. He reveals that in the future our descendants may be so different to us that we will be strangers to them.



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Source: PBS

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Dan Harris: Think You’re a Good Multitasker? Stop Lying

Source: Big Think

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Uneven Recovery, Noise & Ignorance: Why People Missed the Recovery

There has been a steady drumbeat of dissatisfaction about the post-credit-crisis recovery. No matter how much the economy improves, a good number of people insist it hasn’t. Now, in the midst of the political silly season, it has intensified as candidates pander to voters. This is a subject near and dear to me (see this, this, this, this, this, andthis),…Read More

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The Long (Behavioral) History of Long Yields

I love this long term chart via Ben Carlson looking at the various behavioral issues that arise around every major Treasury peak over the past few centuries.   click for ginormous chart Source: A Wealth of Common Sense  

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Crashes & Terrorists & Sharks – Oh, My!

I created a new presentation on Why Traders & Investors Misunderstand Risk and What They Can Do About It. I gave it a test run this weekend at the conference T3 Live and Todd Harrison put together which was a great event. If I can say so myself, it was very well received. Its tough…Read More

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How’s Your Story Going to Fail?

Everyone loves a good story. The problem, as we have seen time and again is that these stories can kill your portfolio and your returns. Look no further than Valeant Pharmaceuticals on the public side, now suffering through a 60 percent haircut; the private equivalent would be blood-testing company Theranos.  In both case, the narrative is failing. Story-telling…Read More

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Always Consider Sources & Disclosures

This morning’s column began as a discussion about biases — how you need to know what may be influencing the sources you read; however, it has morphed into a look at transparency and conflicts of interest. What prompted this was a post defending the payday lending industry that appeared on Liberty Street Economics, the blog…Read More

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What Makes You, You?

Dr. David Eagleman explores memory as an important pillar of self, and reveals that rather than being a faithful record of our past, memory is fallible and often unreliable, making our life of memories more personal mythology than digital recording. THE BRAIN WITH DAVID EAGLEMAN: What Makes Me? Aired: 10/21/2015 Full video at PBS

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How Scientists Fool Themselves

Source: Nature

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Don’t Suffer From Denominator Blindness

Today I am going to indulge in a pet peeve of mine, one that I hope you will find helpful. It’s about a bias called denominator blindness and it is the scourge of anyone who has even the most rudimentary understanding of mathematics in the real world. A quick definition: Denominator blindness is the failure…Read More

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