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The Price Of Weed in the US

Its a slow holiday week, and with the end of August on us, we can have a little fun with the maps below from floatingsheep. They have mapped the price variants of marijuana across the country. Yellow = more expensive, Darker green = lower price. (There are no controls indicated for quality of product or THC density).


A Caveat: The analysis was based on data from the Price of Weed, a user-managed source that tries to paint a geographic picture of ganja cost. We can assume the folks who use that site perhaps might not always be the most reliable sources.


Price of Weed Flowing Data, August 29, 2011

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Global Commodities

Given the spike in copper and oil (but not gold), perhaps its time to take a look this long term chart of commodities: > Source: BLS, FactSet, J.P. Morgan Asset Management. Data reflect most recently available as of 6/30/11. Source: JP Morgan funds

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The World By Its Resources

Click to Enlarge: Source: The World By Its Resources, Awesome Info Graphics, August 17, 2011

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Gold = Treasuries

click for larger graphic Recalculated with base of 100. > Gold! Are a new class of investors treating it like Treasuries? The evidence: A stunningly high correlation of Gold to 20+ Year Treasuries (Symbol: TLT) from July 21 through August 16 is 0.89. Over that period, Gold is up 12.3%, while Treasuries up 11.8% (not…Read More

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GMO’s Jeremy Grantham in Sunday NYT Magazine

One of the more interesting things you will read this weekend is the Sunday NYT Magazine’s spread on legendary investor Jeremy Grantham. GMO’s chief strategist discusses quite a few topics ranging from investing to global warming to commodity plays to doom & gloom. (Yeah, I have a few words in it). There are a number…Read More

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The Unaccounted Risk Of Fossil Fuel Investments

A study from accounting firm KPMG urges a close look at fossil fuel risks. Jeremy Hobson: Well one place investors have turned to for safety is fossil fuels. They’ve been pumping their money into things like oil, natural gas, and coal. But a study out today says there may be a fossil fuel bubble. Eve…Read More

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Commodity Bubble

Source:, The Commodity Concern

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The IEA Does QE3?

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Look Out Below, Part II: Crude Oil!

Here is the other half of today’s Look Out Below – the US release of Crude from the Strategic Petroleum Reserve. The DoE announced a release of 30 million barrels of oil, ostensibly due to Libyan supply disruptions over the next 30 days. ~~~

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Economic & Copper Advisory Services: Economic Report – June 2011

Economic & Copper Advisory Services: Economic Report – June 2011 By John Mauldin June 19, 2011 ~~~ This week’s Outside the Box is from one of the more interesting thinkers and observers of the markets I know, Simon Hunt. When we get together in London, conversations are lively, as we don’t always see eye to…Read More

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