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Katrina Overview (or, we’ve gone Map Crazy, Part IV)

One again, we see the internet is an unbelievable resource whenever these disasters — both manmade or Acts of God — strike. In particular, the images, maps, satellite views and photojournalism are truly astonishing.

Here’s an assortment of perspectives from the media and individual bloggers:



Americares (known as the most efficient relief charity in the U.S.)

Katrina/New Orleans Disaster Relief Aid

The KatrinaHelp Wiki relief page

Yahoo! Red Cross Donation Page

Assistance for Victims

Yahoo: Search for Missing People

I’m Okay

Missing Persons Database (NOLA)

Energy Related

Gulf Oil & Gas Pipelines and Rigs   

Tracking Fuel Costs   

Lousiana Gulf Refiners and other Petrol Interests

Gulf of Mexico: Rig Details

Katrina + Gulf Oil facilities   

Katrina Path and Insurance loss estimates

Satellite Views

National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (and here)

Hurricane Katrina Aftermath (orbimage)

•  NASA Hurricane Resource Page

NYT Satellite Photos

Mississippi Flooding & Erosion

Katrina Flooding Seen from Space

New Orleans Satellite Image

Mississippi: Satellite View

New Orleans Drying Out?

Maps and Graphics

Evacuees Relocation

Storm Paths: 2005 and Before

Levee Systems of New Orleans  (NYT)

High-Tech Flood Control, European Style (NYT)

The Levee System Around New Orleans (WP)

New Orleans Elevation Map   

New Orleans Evacuation Routes

Mississippi River Watershed

What a 1938 Hurricane would do to Long Island

US Airline Disruptions

Also, watch these 2 satellite photo providers for their upcoming Katrina coverage:

National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration


Historical Media Coverage (Pre-Katrina)

Washing Away (eerily prescient series from THE TIMES-PICAYUNE)

Gone with the Water (Nat’l Georgraphic, October 2004)

NEW ORLEANS IS SINKING (September 11, 2001)

Media Coverage

Katrina News Tracker (free WSJ — no subsciption required) 

The New York Times


The Wall Street Journal (subsciption required)

•  BBC

Yahoo!: Hurricanes & Tropical Storms

Google Katrina News







New Orlean Katrina Photos





MSNBC gulf coast



AP Video


•  New Orleans TV (WLOX) Aerial

•  Live New Orleans cams

• (See also SVG two, SVG three and SVG four)

Government Resources

Weather, Federal and State Government


I’ll update this page periodically . . .

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