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The NYC Profit Calculator

This is way cool:  The Profit Calculator. New York Magazine has a way cool online section on the econ
omics of different NYC businesses:

You can’t live in New York—arguably, you can’t spend an hour in New
York—and remain oblivious to the machinery of profit pumping away under
every surface. This city makes money, loses money, houses money;
lately, with luxe condos stacking up like casino chips along the
waterfront, the city looks like money. What’s amazing, then, is how
little we truly know about the inner workings of this beast we feed,
and milk, daily: How does New York make its money?

FinancialfirmsThe article covers everything from Goldman Sachs to the NY Yankees to Pfizer to MOMA to a Mid-town Skyscraper (666 Fifth Avenue). Way cool piece of pop economic journalism.

Pfizer_2The details on each of the items are quite fascinating: 

If you have ever wondered "how the hell does this place stay in business, now you know.


The New York Profits Calculator

A Yellow-Cab Driver: Samuel Pekoh A Four-Star Restaurant: Nobu
A Drug Dealer: ‘Nick’ A Private School: Horace Mann School
A PI: Michael McKeever A Dept Store: Macy’s Herald Square
A Diner: Silver Star A Drug Company: Pfizer
A Soup Kitchen: Yorkville Common Pantry A Financial Firm: Goldman Sachs
A Yoga Studio: Joschi Body Bodega A Midtown Building: 666 Fifth Avenue
A Sex Shop: Babeland A Baseball Team: New York Yankees
A Discount Store: Jack’s 99¢ Stores A Museum: Museum of Modern Art
A Pizza Place: Nina’s Argentinian Pizzeria A Clothing Store: H&M Flagship
A Copy Shop: Copyland A Publishing Company: Random House
City Government: The City of New York

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