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Retail Sector Market Performance

TIcker Sense has a nice few charts up showing how the Markets (Thanksgiving Returns) and the Retail sector perform post Thanksgiving.

Historically, retail stocks run up in anticipation of the holiday season. Once its finally here, many of the gains amy be built in already.


Source:  Birinyi Associates

MarketBeat Breaks it down for us:

The worst-performing stocks have been consumer-electronics names, which have lost, on average, 9.1% in the post-Thanksgiving period. The best are clothing retailers, which have lost a mere 1.4%. Going back to 1996, the picture looks a little better. Clothing retailers, general merchandisers and home-improvement stocks have shown positive returns in the Thanksgiving-to-New Year’s period, with gains of 1.75%, 2.74% and 6.31%, respectively, beating the S&P 500’s 0.82% return during that time. But consumer-electronics stores, department stores and specialty retailers have all posted negative returns. Electronics retailers have done the worst, with average losses of 4.39%.

Good stuff . . .


Birinyi Associates

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