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Economic Indicators Dashboard

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Discounts, Luxury Sales, and the Consumer (JCP, BBY et. al.)

It has been a confusing few weeks for followers of the retail sector. A mix of disappointing earnings (See Best Buy, J.C. Penny’s and Sears) along with pockets of luxury strength plus strongly trending auto sales has created a jumble. Let’s see if we can make some sense of the entire mess. Let’s start with…Read More

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Better times for the music industry

Source: Economist

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How We Spend

Giant BBRG visualization that walks you though the important retail sales data:   Click for interactive graphic slideshow. Source: Bloomberg   Nice job, Matt!

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Just How Big Is Walmart?

Source: MotherJones  

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Holiday Gift Ideas: Traders, Investors and Analysts!

It’s that the time of the year when you probably want to pick up a bauble or two for your favorite trader, fund manager or analyst. Sure, I may make fun of Shopmas and our mad consumerist society, but every now and again, I like to remind those folks who have been nice that their…Read More

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Retail Theater: Beware of Bad Shopmas Data!

Retail theater: Beware of bad Shopmas data! Barry Ritholtz Washington Post November 29 2013     This weekend kicks off the official start of the seasonal gift-buying frenzy I call Shopmas! When it comes to retail, ’tis the season of artifice and deception. The retailers offer fake discounts via phony markdowns — no one pays…Read More

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The Future of Retail Shopping

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shop future
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“Han Solo” DL-44 Blaster from Star Wars Up For Auction

I am working on my list of holiday shopping ideas for Traders, and came across this auction: Lot 379: Harrison Ford “Han Solo” DL-44 Blaster from Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back & Return of the Jedi. Starting bid is $200,000, but there are no takers (yet) . . . I would that that was…Read More

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The Innumeracy of the Media Has Not Been Greatly Exaggerated

One would hope that after a decade of people lamenting the poor reporting of Thanksgiving weekend retail data, the news media might learn to do better. Yet we see few if any signs that reporters understand the misleading press releases put out by the retail industry and its flacks. The innumeracy of the media has…Read More

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