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Wall Street Definitions, via Jeff Matthews

We have previously mentioned our fondness for the acid tongue of Jeff Matthews (see 2005′s Why We Love Jeff Matthews). 

With Q3 earnings reporting nearly over, Jeff explained analysts’ penchant for the word Upbeat — translating that as well as numerous other Wall Street Weasel words for the reader.


“Upbeat” = can mean anything from “Wildly optimistic” to “Grinning and
bearing it.”

coded words and phrases in the tribal language of Wall Street’s Finest,
with translations provided by NotMakingThisUp, include:

1. “Management was cautiously optimistic” = management has no clue

2.  “Earnings were in-line” = the company barely made the number

3.  “We are tweaking our estimates” = we will be slashing our numbers next time

The much-dreaded mother of all loaded phrases:

4.    “Our thesis is still intact” = sell every share you can, right now

Thanks, Jeff.  Great quarter!


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