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Speaking of Big Cap Tech Disasters: Dell

This morning, Dell preannounced ahead of their August 17th earnings.  2Q revenue will be ~$14 billion, with earnings 21 – 23 cents. The revenue is a little shy of estimates of $14.23 billion;

The real disaster was the earnings shortfall: 21 – 23 cents is way below analyst consensus of 32
cents. The stock was off as much as 15% this morning, breaking $20, trading as low as $19.05 (its 19.22 as I type this).

While I have been a critic of Dell of some time now, let me give them a little credit. Their new "Purely You / Build to order" commercial is probably the best marketing thing they have done in a while — much better than the idiotic Dell Dude.

If Dell wants to play in the consumer space, they must understand that people do not have an IT department at home. A friend once called Windows 95 the IT Department Full  Employment Act; Dells were purchased cheaply by corporate CIO’s with a full staff to handle the inevitable issues. SOHO owners don’t have that luxury.

Purely_you_1I never got the sense from Dell that they truly grokked the Small Office / Home Owner, and the  family student home purchaser.

My advice for them: Do not look to customer service for incremental cost cutting; they need to restore their prior, late 90s, full-on level of customer service  for which they were justly famous.


UPDATE: July 21, 2006 11:45am

A commenter in the prior Microsoft discussion partially blames Redmond for Dell’s issues:  Their screwup in not getting Vista to market on time is hurting the entire PC sector.

Interesting thought . . .

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More on “Special” 9/11 Stock Option Grants



The request went up (in comments) for a who’s who list of the post 9/11 stock option granters and grantees.

I put in a request to the WSJ journalists on the story; Meanwhile, the best I can offer up are some excerpts from the WSJ sidebar (with graphics).

Kudos to the Journal for another terrific piece of investigative journalism. Now if you guys would only stop burying killer stories on Saturday . . .


The short list of egregious offenders is after the jump.

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